Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It was yet another evening, at 0900pm, I started from my work station to railway station, almost frustrated with the lack of time for my personal work If you are/were not an software professional 0900pm might not be evening for you but for us, yes, it's evening most of the time. 

Many says, IT geeks spend a lot, wander around in mall's, hang out in theaters, waste time in coffee shops, for no reason drive for a long distance.  For all of those folks let me clarify something, we are in search of peace of mind and some happiness or a place for vent. Fine, let not get into philosophical details of IT life or at least it all depends on individuals.  

I took an auto to reach my station, by the way, my friend waited for me, on the way so we planned that He will wait near an hotel and we will go along.  Before I reached him, I called him to tell I would be there in 5mins. When auto stopped near the hotel to pick him, "can we get 0945 train, if we start at 0930 from the hotel in an auto?" asked my friend.

            He ordered some tummy builder for him and I picked two, three spoons from his plate since a roasted chicken filled my tummy near my office, a 5mins back I hired that auto. During the time we ate the talk a small, cute kid, a boy, ran crossing us and he was playing around the hotel without bothering anybody.  When his father caught his hand to drag him to the chair, the boy jumped to his father's finger to byte.  “I guess his father ate all his chicken” giggled my friend. 

            The Kid escaped himself from his father and walked crossing me, I took him in my arms and asked him what he wants, he didn’t reply anything but turned his head and showed the fridge next to my chair.  I didn’t understand him but my Meta-cognizant told me he want something from that fridge.  He jumped from my arms and ran to the fridge, opened it and took a Pepsi 250 ml bottle and walked towards me.  A supplier stopped him to take away the bottle from him; I jumped in to stop him from taking the bottle from my kid. The kid smiled at me.  
            Oh! Did I say "My Kid"?  I know how much stupidity to say that, but that’s how I felt when I took him in my arms.  The kid, my cute boy, came to with the Pepsi in his hand.  I took him again in my arms. He smiled at me with lots of love. I could understand the love he developed on me within minutes. 
            I tried to scratch my hippocampus to compare something with the smile, my bloody memory could not find anything as such but something I could suddenly remember was the smile of my ex-girl when she said yes to me.  Ouch! Did I say "ex-", gosh! It’s just an interjection. 
            Supplier interrupted us again to get to bottle to open the cork; my sweet refused to give him the bottle and started crying.  I got the bottle from him and gave it that to the supplier and said loudly "Open it and bring it soon ", so that my sweet heart will continue loving me. Sometimes, we need to do this to retain Love. Supplier brought the bottle back opened and my sweet refused to get it from him so I got it from the supplier and hand it to him. Next few minutes he sat on the table with me and suddenly got down and ran to his mom and showed her the bottle and inserted the bottle in his mouth and tilted it upside down to drink it, Pepsi level got decreased from the bottle and when he brought the bottle to its old position the level was back to original to make me and my friend to smile.  His mother finished her food and his father paid the bill to start.

            By this time I was into a different discussion with my friend.  My sweet came running from outside the hotel to me and stood next to me.  I bent down to ask him what!  He grabbed my shoulder and kissed my right cheek, he turned my face and kissed my left check and downed my head to kiss me in my forehead and ran back to her mom.  She lifted him and he layed on her shoulder, looked at me and waved his hand to say "ta ta".  My God what a moment, what a kind of vent it was.  Wetness of his kiss had put all the fire out from my mind which was burning for years. 

            My Sweet's kiss, he kept It Short and Simple.  Oh ya! That’s what I was taught about mantra for effective communication and now I learnt even love follows the same. This sweet moment dragged me back 2 to 3 years when me and my girl discussed about our children, first a girl baby and a boy from an orphanage. Oops did I missed "ex-", could be because of mixed feelings.         


Love to hear from you. Drop your words for my heart; I can skip a beat for you.