Saturday, February 16, 2013

Colorless Love...

She knew my heart, she holds its chord, and she often turns it on and off, restricts herself to come by for her force of gravity is so high and cannot stop myself entering her eye sight and get blown into hundreds and thousands of pieces in air like a meteor traveling into earth’s regime.  It’s a self destructive mechanism I offered myself.
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I was idle, sitting conjuring something that has passed on.  I felt a strong force of saccade at my right, which quiet often happens never. As if somebody crushing a chord of my heart the beats raised its speed as if wanting to come out to see who it is holding the chords in their eyes.  I turned to my right and in fraction of a second a spear from not so long distance hit my temple.  My memory and all that feel to hesitate anything gonna happen vanished as the spear stuck.  I lost in my thoughts, in her eyes, in her force of attraction.  My instinct said ‘do not believe’ and I did so, I didn't believe my instinct.  Acoustics of my surrounding went mute but the air spoke something in my ears ‘you cannot refrain from the gravity of beauty and love which always go hand-in-hand’.

In my dilemma either to stay stuck to my right or to turn away generated pain in my head.  Brain said ‘left’ heart said ‘right’ my thoughts jumped up and down and came to a conclusion both left and right.  Like an insane toddler I pretended to listen but not listening, looking around the earthly objects but could not recognizes what is what, watched people pass by but didn't see them who. 

When my eyes turned to her my mind turned left to think who is watching me and when my eyes turned to left my mind turned to her to imagine if she is watching me.
If I were just particles of light rays I could have reached her eyes but even there she has a shield to filter me out. 

I reckoned, if just her one peep shoots my beats to the high I could not bear and what if she has to live with me.  May be in a minute I would burst and disappear in the air and – and – I don’t know what I wanted to become.  When she left my sight I strolled a little and thousands colorless miniature flowers from the garden of God showered from up above.  Aha! I thought, if she comes near and says ‘my dear’ I wish I would fly, reach the garden sky, merge with the strolling clouds and pull them over my enchantresses and shower myself and my love drop by drop.


  1. Is selfless love like this possible? Too good.

    1. when a guy thinks touching his lady's toe is same as touching her lips...
      when a girl doesn't wait for his call and calls him before he does...
      Yes selfless love is possible...

      Thanks a lot :))

  2. Beautifully penned, Sathish...reads like a poetic-prose!

    I have nominated your blog for the Leibster Blog Award.
    The rules of this award are at:


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