Saturday, March 23, 2013

How much love...

Few a minutes it took to realize for him on what he did the past half hour.  As if the respiratory organs malfunctioning the air tried its best to get in and lungs suffered its best to take oxygen from it to sooth the throbbing heart not just because of what has happened but the because of the wild running towards no where the destination is.
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Not a good day to end with but when they sat next to next with no words to talk but with more than the enough love to exchange.  Both of them thought the heart of the other is traveling far in a different direction but they know not that there are no directions in love neither a road to stroll. When a metal crap was ready to transport them they got in with out any unusual disagreement.   She got down in her stop.  Though he heard the voice of her heart asking him to get down; he hesitated as the beats of his throbbing heart was louder than her soul’s voice. 

            He threw a message in to the air for all the angels in the atmosphere to tell her that he is longing for her, along with a text message from his mobile phone asking if she is safe in train.  Few minutes passed, she didn't show any light on his mobile phone.  He got into his train which physically carries into his place for him to sleep though virtually his soul travels in a different direction which is no different from of where she is. 

Subsided the patience, he rang her, she didn't pick.  She shouldn't have noticed, he thought.  Five minutes more passed he disturbed the air with his mobile phone again to reach her, she didn't pick.  The third time, fourth, fifth time, no response.  Slightly his rate of beat started rising.  His train blew horn and started moving, he dialed her number but she failed him again.  He got down from the moving train and started running, for a minute he did not know where he is running.  Little while his brain woke up and asked him, where the hell are you running?   He thought for no second and said, to her.  But where, how, what could have happened, is she is sitting in the station waiting for the train or something else, why the hell she not picking the bloody phone?  How many questions to answer but he has got no time, in a minute he wants to see her, else his heart would become dynamite to burst him in to pieces and pieces.

No time he gave his respiratory organs to inhale or exhale, dipped in the ice cubes of fear slowly his hands and legs went numb.  He ran wild to, a different, near by station to catch the train that takes her to home.  Reaching the station he saw the train in the opposite side, to catch, for which he has to take a foot over bridge.  Skipping how many steps he doesn't know, he ran like a wild beast in fear.  He got into the train and the questions started again, train horned, first place to run and search her in her station and then to the place where she got down from the bus, he decided.  I am not crying, nothing has happened, she is alright, he repeated with gray lines in his lashes. 

The phone beeped, just now in train

O! He got is life back.  Got down from the running train sat on the steps of the foot over bridge trying to catch his breathe.  He text-ed her of what has happened to show his angry.

As slow as possible he walked back to his station and got into his train and closed his eyes and leaned back in his seat to go over what has happened in past few minutes.  Breathing as hard as possible to sooth his throbbing heart he wiped his tears from the sides of his eyes, knowing not if it’s happy tears or out of fears.

The phone beeped again, why did you do that?
Because…because I am mad on you, he replied. 


  1. Excellent Sathish. Narration is outstanding...As I read was too curious to know the end. Such a sweet one. Love was everywhere in the air :)

    1. Thanks Ashitha :) great to see you here always.

  2. Lovely narration Satish. Very well written!


  3. The end made it amazing :)
    Well written

  4. Fabulous and breath taking narration. After so much tension, a very relieving end!!

    1. thank a lot mam... honored with your comments

  5. That's really a beautiful story! Heart felt!!!
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    1. oh! that's a surprise... thanks for stopping by..

  6. Nice.. Fantastic narration......


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