Thursday, August 29, 2013

Limit of God...
…I saw God’s limit.  For sure, he could go no far than what I saw.  I saw the proof of His existence, a beacon of happiness.  I saw a little miracle practicing the art of ignoring hundreds of mortals making noise with their voice.  Nothing disturbed her not even the rattling of the train.  I felt she enjoyed it like a sway of cradle.  One among the happiest minuscule life on this planet earth, I saw, sleeping in harmony on her mother’s shoulder.  I know this little miracle for quiet a period she hesitates to come to me, even after all magic, tactics, she refused to come to me when she was small than what she is now.

And once I was on my way back I heard a voice that of a little child pulled my ears to it along with my eyes, in fact attracted towards it.  I wondered and felt happy, little bit of euphoria joined my happiness; she started talking.  O! The first time I heard her talking, calling her mom.  If it is something that could wipe out the pangs of an entire day it is a seconds’ smile of a little child.  No use running behind the venerable monks to seek happiness in life, they might even show you the God and make you believe it is happiness but then your mind might ask you a question

We are here in this world because God created us and is it real that meeting him again is our final destination? What for the other things around us?

Our brains asks little tough questions but worth thinking about the answers.  If you cannot see Goddess sleeping in a sleeping child, sure, you are going to see no God around anywhere.

I saw His limit, his limit of creating beauty.  I didn’t believe, when somebody said, that humans are the most precious among the things He has created. It is true He invariably worked all His skills designing the lives in wombs and manifestation of himself in little creatures in their mothers’ hands.

When she was about to get down in her destination station, she woke up on her mother’s shoulder and looked at in to my eyes to pour milk into the throat of thirsty.  She glimpsed a while and recognized me with a smile that she saw me somewhere in her history of two years on this earth.  Yes, it was a history she creates on this earth from the day one she opened her eyes she should have been observed to cry her first cry, noted with her first smile, made her mom baffled for her reason unknown tears, put her father in euphoria with her first noise she made, her first movement, first step, first word she spoke everything was worth marking in history along with the agony and ecstasy of her mother and her father. 

Every child is born along with a new born mother and father.  And the new born mother and father stay to be new born even when their child grow up older. 
Fantastic design of Him.


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