Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Once in a magical twilight when the sun and the infinite horizon was embracing each other, between the twisted orange and fading blue you appeared colorfully.  I thought I could peep through the sky and the dark clouds and read your heart and when I break opened the air to see through it, I could see just the plain ever ending emptiness.  No, it is not the emptiness but the language of beauty written down every nook which my mortal eyes could see thru not and my wisdom, that I pity, could understand not with its cognizant.

The magic slowly winded away, the twilight merged mildly into the horizon; I saw you dancing for the music of the air and in air there spread a magnificent romance which no one other than me grabbed since my cognizant of you was centuries back.  Like the lotus opening itself on the very touch the masterful sun, you bloomed yourself with the very touch of the music and the breeze of the evening.  Like you bloomed, the conjecture in me flew flawlessly.  Like a jasmine blooming, I saw your fingers parting from the kiss of the other and your eyes dancing along with your countenance like a flower in the vine.

In the evening, when you danced the dance of love and romance, I stood spell bound hesitating neither move an inch nor a twitch; like a sojourner who found the oasis after a year long walk in the sun. You moved like a wave, showing me the sun raise in one eye and dusk in the other.  Every time your foot kissed the ground, I wished I could have born a stone.  I saw Ishtar dancing with you to get blessed from you confusing the audience on whom the goddess of love is.

Ishtar stopped me when I neared you with all her power of beauty but she forgot it’s just not the beauty pulled me towards the dancing angel but divine urge and indefinite longing of centuries.  And when I said the love goddess to move away from blocking me from satiating my longing soul, she asked me if I deserve.  I may not, may be I do not but instead dissolving in the air of life without knowing if the fire hurts or not, it is better to burn my fingers before I die.  

The music faded slowly. After throwing the flying angels in air in all directions, confusing the gods and goddess if they were the one who created this stupendous piece of beauty, and spreading romance all over my physic she stopped dancing.  Colorless flowers of her physic bloomed out from her glowing skin to make her comfort from the heat of my eyes.  The light entered on those drops and twinkled brighter than the early stars of that night.   For a moment to realize myself I closed and opened my eyes and in that few seconds I conjured images of this mortal world thus delaying to open my eyes to the light of her.  When I opened it all was darkened the divine emptiness surrounded me.  I saw her walking away in the dark glowing with her own lights.  She walked in a distance I could catch not and slowly she disappeared in the horizon. 

My love, I am waiting for the dawn, not for the light but for the twilight to come again and you to dance again.  Let it take another century for the light to come and one more century for the twilight to decorate the sky, I will wait.


Love to hear from you. Drop your words for my heart; I can skip a beat for you.