Saturday, September 20, 2014


…caught in a dark dense forest, I stumbled to move to find the path to get away.  But the place was aromatic densely decorated with the fragrance of jasmine.  The forest allowed not the Sun light to peep-in making me perplex to realize whether it is a day or a night.  Dense populated trees looked shiny, flexible and smooth.  Is this a really a place or a dream, I wondered.  I ran through the gaps between the trees in the dark, none hurt me, and not even a piece of thorn I found on the way.  And finally I found a path in the middle of the forest which was little slippery.  The fragrance still disturbed me, hijacking me to an unknown place of romance.  In the fight between my mind to stay back and my brain to get out, my brain won.  I glided all the way on that path, the way shone like a road in the moon light.  With weight in heart, of leaving such a wonderful aromatic place, I walked out of that forest.  It was a day.  I turned back and saw the forest I came out from and awed to see all trees in black.  I started to walk.  The surface was smooth like silk, painted with the mixture of rose and gold.  Here and there I felt the tumor which shook my entire universe.  I was afraid not. Like a walk in the cloud I tread slowly.  I reached a point where there were full of loose soil in vermilion.  The fragrance of the soil gave a divine ecstasy. Both side of the place where I stood had tiny bushes, perfectly cut like a bow.  Little further I strolled; I saw a small peak which I need to claim.  It was not tough but lovely.
The way to the peak was silky, alike the same surface I walked.  I claimed and reached the top and turned back to see the copy of the universe, the camouflage of sky, at both the sides.  In the middle of both the copy of the universe it had a black whole which attracts the entire light around into it, even I felt like jumping into it.  Surprisingly it had a moving surface like a shutter which closes and opens once in a while to bring day and night.  O! What a design! What the greatness of the hands that made! I astonished.  I tuned around to look down from the top of the peak, as if to jump.  And what I saw had put me in trance.  It was a valley in rose shade, looked like a bed of rose flowers from the peak.  “O! Such a place! Let me die, I am going to jump, though it is going to hurt me” I though and jumped.  In next few seconds I was floating in the valley of rose jelly.  The softness carried me away to the heaven; the aroma aroused the hidden lust in my heart.  The urge to consume all the beauty of the valley pumped my blood fast.  All the malevolent thoughts peeped out from its grave in my mind. There were small ravines on the valley, I jumped in euphoria and played.
I know I could not stay there for long time as it might take my decorum in to task and suppress all my benevolence and make me all malevolent.  With no mood to get out, I strolled out of the place.  I reached a point from where I could see pits and mountains and I was awestruck to see the flexible trees in black, from the forest I came out, flowing over those pits and mountains.  It was all a dangerous abyss but the most lust kindling feel it gave.  To dive and die into that abyss will take me to heaven.  The mountains looked like a dormant volcano, as I could feel the heat of it from the place where I stood, ready to burst with lust any time. I closed my eyes for a second to make a decision either to dive or not.  Before I made a decision, before I opened my eyes I jumped into that abyss. 

When I was about to reach the abyss I was startled by a hand which shook my shoulders… 


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