Sunday, February 26, 2017

Beacon Of Revolution

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In the hands of greedy international chunks,
My identity, my people are in funks.

To satiate the paunch of the few wealthy,
My rulers, whom we believed, are becoming filthy.

Some talk about the sacrifice for mass wellness,
Don't you know to eat human flesh is cunningness!

For the sake of science and technology
It has all become the source of aetiology

In the hands of corporate my rulers were puppets,
In the funeral of farmers and commons they blow trumpets.

They disintegrate us in the name of religions and caste,
They don't know it’s a curse they themselves cast.

It cannot be night all throughout,
The time has come to fight out.

In the stream of fast flowing blood,
Filthy germs will not be spared.

It’s a warning to the power and money hungers,
In the hands of the youth you are in danger.

Technical genocide will not be allowed,
Try and you people, in the revolution, will be swallowed.

Let’s live and let live,
Pray that humanity long lives.

#SaveNeduvasal #SaveFarmers #SaveTN


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