Monday, June 26, 2017


The more I know,
The more I become silent.
Not because I am learnt, but
My mind becomes more violent.

I talk to my mind, and
Make it calm and quite.
No, there is no way to make it quite,
There is only one way, silent and fight.

All that happens are chain reactions,
There is no broken links, no broken bonds.
The Minds wants all the things it likes,
Though there are spells but we have only broken wands.

Only the body believes that there is difference,
Between one flesh and other, one skin and another.
It is far beyond our brain to realize, that
We all are of one body together.

It is better to be ignorant, better to be enlightened,
It is worse to be in between like living with a shrew.
On the verge of enlightenment, everything is false, and
At the same time everything looks to be true.

To cross the verge, may be years it takes,
May be minutes is enough.
But till that sea is crossed, like travelling
In the forest of bushes it leaves many gouges.

When it is realized, like a wiped glass from dust,
Everything is clear and bright.
There will exist no real or reality, no false or flakiness;
All that exist is true and right.

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