Sunday, October 8, 2017

The One For Me...

….the one for me will look into my eyes with little shy.  When I look deep into her eyes her pupil will dilate which is enough to assimilate.   My heart will whisper its beats in my ears; my silence will say ‘I am all yours’.  There is no room for fears, I will say, when I fall is the time for your tears. When her hand shivers for being alone with me; my touch should stop all her quivers. When my voice stumbles her words will come for help before I crumble.  When there exist no words for lips it will be the time for our fingers; in each others’ it slips. Though the want to hold her in my arms exceeds, the dogma of love succeeds.  The naughty wind plays with her hair and I will put it back behind her ear.  Her thoughts will fly around the life’s beginning and mine will wander for our off springs; did I make it a plural – may be divine’s will. 

Don't be expect in culinary, I will say, for I might miss the romance in the kitchen, for you might know me not that I will eat anything with your fingers. Don't be healthy all the time, I will say, for you might miss the warmth of my arms all night long.  Don't come before me when I am angry, I will say, for I might throw my anger on you.  If you ask me what else to do; come from behind and embrace; let’s get twined.

Bored of pillows since I needed one, I will say, allow me to sleep in your lap once in a while for a nap. Don't leave me alone for a long time, I would say, for my cheeks may go saline. Never I understood anybody right, I would say, look everything from my eyesight.  I may look like grown up, I confess, but never have I felt like it really helped.  Take me in your palms, I promise; your words will be my psalms.  Pamper me in your arms, mesmerize me with your charms, be mine forever and let me leave you never.

…the one for me, you may be in some part of this world, may be a minute away; for now it is not a great distance but once you become only for me forget the word ‘distance’ for it might shake my persistence.  How do I say my love to someone I have not seen!  But when I see you, you are the all I mean.

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