Friday, May 31, 2019


Stop the waves, dear sea, my love is sleeping,
No match to my love, in distress, the moon is weeping.

Sing the lullaby, mother night, and kiss her good night,
Dare to come out night owls for I am her knight.

Slow down the time, dear universe, let her sleep deep,
I would become the windows of her room to stop the stars’ peep.

Nurture and comfort her with softness, dear pillow, but
Don’t take pride; only for a short time you are in my place, poor fellow.

Don’t be so cool, dearest winter, she cannot withstand chillness,
I can burn the world to warm her up; of course that is my madness.

Don’t be silent, dear silence; she doesn’t likes the world to be silent,
Even when I die I will be her guardian angel and stay vigilant.

Like the softest of soft flowers tired and sleepy when it is dark,
My love has dozed off; still she glows like the fireworks spark.

Where are you Gene? Change me into that blanket and mattress,
I could keep her warm and safe for she is my goddess.

Dear Sun, wait for her to wake up for she is the light of my world,
Don’t compete with her brightness for you are no match even for her mold.

Dear dew drops, don’t worry for disappearing with her brightness,
She will make you fall in love with her for she is an enchantress.

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