Sunday, December 8, 2013


Any dream seeded deep inside any heart gets manifested a day, before you sleep.  I have a dream, seeded deep inside my heart, waiting for its manifestation.  I was thinking, if I really have seeded it deep well! And I saw paddy crops by road side that which I passed.  A farmer was standing in the middle of his field busy weeding out something from the ground. He ploughed it, seeded the crops and patiently waited for sprouts.  Then he planted it in his field, watered it and sometimes he waited for the rain to come and sometimes for the sun to shine.

It was his dream.  And the field is like a mother baring the crops within it, farmer acts as the God or as a guardian angel.  He cannot seed or plant at a wrong season, he cannot harvest early or late, he has to maintain the amniotic – water – level; it neither has to go down its level nor go up.  The baby – crops – has to be scanned for wellness often, the weeds have to be unplugged and need fertilizer to eradicate the insects.  Patience is the key which might be painful but no pain no grain.

There comes a day for his dream to manifest, he sees grain on the crops – a well grown fetus.  He knows, soon the day will come for harvesting, the day the fetus has to be cut down from its mother.  When he does that, that is the day his dream, his goal, his reason for hard work is manifested.  This is how any dreams’ manifestation happens.

When I was passing through this field I found something unique about the crops, they were well grown and ready for harvesting.  It was drizzling like diving blessing from heaven, as if angels welcoming the crops with colorless flowers.  In spite of all blessings and contemplation from heaven, all the crops stood humbly bending their heads down.  It was teaching the humanity the divine meekness. 

When you have become wise and filled with knowledge, you have to be as meek as me’ says the crops literally.  ‘I will remember’ I nodded.


  1. So beautiful and inspiring...It's an awesome moment when the seeds of our dreams start sprouting!


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