Sunday, December 1, 2013

I stay this way...

Image Crtsy :
I stay this way,
With a never ending longing
And I want nothing,
With a never ending sorrow
But I care for none.

I stay this way,
Always joyous internally
Still I cry externally,
I believe in ‘nothing’
So I pray to that ‘nothing’

I stay this way,
Little lust in eyes
But love in heart,
I Appreciate colors, but
Blind when it comes to racist thoughts.

I stay this way,
I be with people but
solitude, to which I’m a pupil,
I think to write, but
All I write were not the way I think

I stay this way,
To me God is just one
The multitude of human,
For me the time exist, so that
I travel to and fro and I persist

I stay... this way...


Love to hear from you. Drop your words for my heart; I can skip a beat for you.