Thursday, April 12, 2018

night cry

What am I doing? I was thinking in the night with the darkness embracing the might.  There were stars all over the sky and one moon to shine.  The cold wind of the night caressed me from head to toe. In the silence I realized I am my own foe. 
I closed my eyes to darken the darkness, closed my ears to stop hearing my own heart's cry.  I slipped from the tip of the terrace; fell down in abyss to open my eyes in the land of flowers; yellow, green, white and red; a garden full of flowers and trees.  At a distance I saw a lonely tree which shed all its yellow flowers on the ground and made it a bed of flowers.  I walked towards the tree, attracted by its solitariness.  Under the solitary tree I saw her sitting with her head on her knee. Afraid to near her I walked slowly to sit by her.  She lifted her head to see me and smile.  I have a tear in my wings she said.  I realized she was an angel waiting for someone to mend her wings.  I knew she was in pain, an unknown pain which I wanted to heal.  I plucked a chord out of my heart to mend her wing.  She leaned over my shoulders and said don't leave me for I might die I believed those words for there were pain and agony in her voice.  She flew from the place and I waited for her to return, quite sometime after a very long wait she came back with few more holes in her wings.  I plucked a chord from my heart to mend it.  All that I imagined was she could feel my pain of longing  and love but what I missed to realize is that she was not a normal mortal human species but an immortal angel that has wrongly fallen in the garden.  For she was not of my own genre she know not that the string that mended her wings were from a live heart and when ever it is plucked the heart endures a great pain.

She sat next to me, looked deep into my eyes and leaned over my chest.  Could you listen to my heart, my angel, that it says your name?  She woke up from my chest and said that she wanted to fly leaving me in perplexity with her answer for my question - no strings attached.  You are free to fly for I have not set up a cage for you.  I am not capable of understanding you for you don't have ears to listen to my cheap human heart.  I know she won’t talk the words I wanted to hear.  I kissed her forehead, held her cheeks and said  all I am left with my life are you but that does not stops you from flying away from me.  The moment you touched my heart is enough, the seconds you leaned on my chest is enough, I will succumb to the earth with those memories in my eyes.  Fly in joy, go around and feel this world for it is not so nice.  If you are happy with what you see, go on leave me and live. If you are wounded again and if your wings need to be mended again, come back to me for I am always ready to take you in my arms and mend your wound in wings with the strings from my heart. She didn’t reply for angels don't understand the language of mortals.  I opened my eyes for it could not hold the tears long and tight.

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