Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Broken wand…

 Last day, I saw a wand, rose in color, horizontally broken in the middle, close to my eyes, stuck between my lashes.  In a second, when I was mesmerized with the beauty of the wand suddenly it started speaking.  No! Those are not noise of the ordinary speech but spells.  Alas! So far I heard only enchantress speaks the magical spells but here the wand spells the magical words. 

My saccades shifted suddenly to some earthly object, in that very few seconds both the pieces went wet with honey in which it is dipped.  Can honey be used as polish! Wonder, now the wand looks shining.  Hey!  Who filled the gap between the cracks with pearls?

I know the voice of the language which came reaching my eyes from the vibration of the broken wand.  Nothing looked like a magical spell and hypnotic but as if something stuck between the bride and the groom of my eyes, they stayed still without kissing each other.  Hmm! May be the wand itself is made up of the spells of the enchantress.  

What is the spell that grabbed my eye site to one particular dark point, the lower part of the broken wand?  Everything around me disappeared in the vanity of my eyes.   

Enchantress, wait, I have a question.  Why does a broken piece of a wand needs a crown in black? And why do people call it as a mole?


  1. This writing is very different--hallucinatory...I have to read more of your pieces to get a hang of it! Interesting:)


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