Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love Letter...

Mom, it’s me, your girl. 

I kept telling dad for days ‘I saw mom’, but he didn’t believe me and keeps avoiding my words, I guess by now he realized.  And mom, please save me from dad, I was not able to bear his so-called prose and poetry’s which he writes of you and believes you might read it. It seems somebody had told dad that conveying love through letter is cowardice that is why he is refusing to write to you and my dear mom, I don’t have any other way that is why I am writing to you.  I know you will read it.
          Sometimes, the place where I sleep vibrates and when I asked dad he told me that you're crossing him and he is pretending as if he is over phone, dad might tell you this sometimes later I guess.  And I asked him what is this place where I sleep and he said it’s something called ‘Heart’. How many days should I bear this vibration mom!  
          Take your time to accept dad, mom, but accept me in your heart, remember I am waiting for you my dearest mom.  Dad keeps saying that I am his vanity.  You will also feel the same vanity mom I promise.  Its boring here, this place, his heart, dad always fills with something which he calls it as melancholy and with lot of English characters, which he read in some or the other book.  I want to hug you mom, kiss you and feel your bosom.
          I heard dad once talking to himself, he said he will call you as enchantress and tell you that you have mesmerized him with your words and if you ask him what did those words did, he will ask you to close your eyes, grab you near him and kiss you in your cheek to say that you have chanted the spell which saved him from the vengeance of life and showed him what is life.  Oh God! Tell him not to talk more in poetical way, I was not able to understand and it’s boring stuff Mom.  And my lovely mom reserve some place for me to kiss you, I will love you more than dad, will you love me more that dad?
          Mom, I have to tell you something, dad is planning something.  He says he will call you in the midnight, and when you wake up to receive the call he will keep silence for sometimes and will give you three options of name to select for me and ask you a kiss with the answer.  If I could talk loudly I would tell dad “dad cool, don’t fly”.  Oh! I have spoken out the secret! That’s fine dad will think of something new.  And do you want that options, I heard when dad spoke to himself but I won’t tell you my sweet mom. 
          I heard talking himself, mom. During your marriage dad will come close to you and will whisper ‘I Love You’ in your ears.  He says that is the celebration of success of love.  Dad is crazy mom and he is crazy about you.  You will love his craziness.  Hey! I forgot to tell you something.  Dad said that I will have long hairs alike you, crazy walk alike you, I started loving you more mom.

          Beware of dad; anytime he may come tell you his love, he is a crazy guy.  Don’t show angry on him, take some time to think about him, and remember me. 
          When will you show me this world mom, I know both of you will fill my life with happiness as much love you are going to fill dad’s world.  Dad says when you carry me, he will read books for you and me, and when I kick you from inside and when you tell dad, show him the place he will touch and…
Hmm! Wait, I won’t tell you, secret.
          He either talks too much or stays very silent.  But lovable to me and I am sure will be to you too.  I am waiting for the days to fill your stomach, kick you from inside, to see this lovable world of my dad and eternal love of my mom. 
          I wrote in dad’s subconscious mind that you will love him; you will give him love which save him from all his pangs.  I promised him mom that you are my mother.   Now, Mom promises me the same to me.  I want to see dad via you.  I have seen you sitting inside dad’s heart.  I could not see him, when I asked dad that I want to see him, he told me that it is possible only by your mom. 
          He is not that bad mom; he is bit lovable and enormously caring.  I could not see dad crying, I could not see him if you didn’t accept.  Consider him mom.  Dad say’s he loves you from heart and mom I Love you sitting inside his heart and I can tell you that he is true.
                                                                 Missing you so much mom

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