Monday, January 2, 2012

I Wanna tell you a Love Story..

 …she is in her red tops and black jean; he is in his blue plain shirt and black trouser.  Her flying hair filled the air with romance.  Both of them are sitting in a roof garden of a restaurant, clock ticking 07.15pm. Her perfume blending well with his deodorant is making air pleasant; candle glowing between them and a feel too.  Light of the Candle made her face glow yellowish, beauty accompanied the glow with her and in his eyes, as if nothing else could blend with beauty and women other than candle light.  Darkness, mild yellowish light, company of a lovely girl, noiseless and romantic air, and heart filled with cheers all combining together is creating a feel in him which is not named so far.  It’s a mixed feel of love, lust, crush, passion, melancholy, thousands butterflies flying around, rose buds falling from above,  et cetra, et cetra. 

He:  You’re looking awesome today
She: Thanks for the compliment
He: I wanna tell you something
She: Hmm, tell me
He:  I wanna tell you a love story
She: I’m listening.
He: I know you will listen
She:  I know that you know
He: This place is romantic
She: Hmm.  Story?
He: The story is going to start here.
She:  thanks for that perplexity, go ahead
Silence prevailing.  One minute passed.  Both of them are not talking.
She:  Oh, Sad story?
He: ha ha ha..
She: Start no..
Phone is ringing. 
She: I’m in a meeting don’t call me for next one hour ma. 
Hmm start (switching her phone off)
He:  I’m goanna tell you a love story.  This is a real story of an old romantic man and awesome old women I know.  The story started here, in this same restaurant, may be the same place where we are sitting. 
She: Interesting
He:  He is 65 now and when he met his lady he was 25.  They have got a daughter who is 39 and a son who is 37. They have got grand children and they love their grand children more than anything.   They often tell their love story to their children and now they started telling the same to their grand children as bed time story.  That old man often tells that his love towards her wife is growing; maturing as the years goes on.  He takes care of his old women alike he took care of his daughter, whom he loved equal to her women.  He is always pride that her woman grows beautiful as grows old in age.  When he proposed her, when they were young, she didn’t reject him but kept refusing to accept him as she was so much close with her family.  She accepted him, in this very same restaurant.  He remembers the words he spoke to her on the day of his proposal dinner.  He cherishes his memory and he is now writing a book on their love and love life.  He did all possible magic’s to convince her family finally they too had fallen in love with him.  She loved him more when her family had fallen in love with him.  One day he took her to his home, suddenly.   He pulled her to kitchen and introduced her to his mother and confessed that both of them were in love.  Both bent down to get blessing from his mother.  His mother took some time to realize what was happening and finally came back to reality and blessed them.  She looked heartwarming, soft and sweet not only to him but also to his mother; his mother hugged her and kissed in her forehead. His mother immediately called his sisters and told what was happening.  His father observed what was happening but didn’t attire anything.  His mother called his father to bed room, after 15mins both of them came back and his mother asked both of them to bend down to get blessings.   Things went smooth which was not expected.   Finally they got married.  He filled her days with love.  Once, few months after their marriage, they went for a morning walk and while returning she told him that she could not walk since she was tired and this guy took her in his arms and walked kilometer to home without even feeling the people around them starring at them and when she reached home in his arms she asked “do you really wanna go office today?”.   And another day, she called him when he is in office and kept silence for a long time, he heard only her smiling sound and so he asked “what darling?” for which she replied “Now, say boy or a girl?”.  He dropped the call abruptly; she was confused, why he had cut the call abruptly.  In next 45 minutes door bell sounded and he stood with a basket full of flowers and with his arms open when she opened the door.  He lifted her to room from the door and a warm hug and a sweet kissed filled the air with love, the real love. He took care of her well, more than a mother, they both went for walk daily as per the doctor’s advice, and he read’s books for her at night for her to sleep. And the day came when he cried along with her in the maternity ward, yes; he stayed with her in the maternity ward, with full of fears, holding her hand tight and finally he bent down to her ears and said “Love you”, she closed her eyes and slept after her rebirth. They were blessed with a girl. They planned for a boy after two years and he was with her in the maternity ward even for the boy.  They showered love on their children.  They fought sometimes but their children never knew.  His daughter was very close to him and his son with mother.  He used to sit whole night looking at the sweet faces of his honey bunches, two children and his wife.  Nobody could have loved their wife so much as this guy did and she deserved it well and reciprocated. He was grown up in a different family environment where there was less conversation, less confession, less love conveyed, little bit of autocracy, so he learnt all ‘what not to do’ towards his children and his wife, he preached the same to many of his friends and he walked the talk.  He told their children all the short stories he did when he was in love.  Years slipped beautifully.  Their children had grown up.  His beloved daughter too had fallen in love with her classmate.  Her mother didn’t accept at first but her father solved the issues. His children got married.  After both their children got married they went for their second honey-moon.  Their children followed their parent in leading the life.  His children’s got children, yeah, He got grand children.  Old couple spent all their time with their grand children.  He grew older, she too and their love grew matured.  Once, at midnight both old lovers were sleeping, he told her “darling, my sweet darling,  I wanna die,  I wanna die when I am holding you in my arms, I wanna breathe my last breathe when your breathe is touching me.  You know, I lived life.  I lived my life, you’re my life.  I lived you. All the money, fame and whatever I earned is because of you.  You’re my everything; allow me to die in your bosom, listening my heart beat”.  She kissed him.   He had planned to pen down all the beautiful days.
She: Nice, mesmerized.  I wanna meet this couple, will you take me?
He:  are you sure?
She: Yeah.
He: ok, now get up, come.
She’s is getting up...
He:  Hold my hand and close your eyes now.
She: why?
He: please..
She: ok.
She’s closing her eyes. Now both of them are walking…
He:  Dear, now open your eyes slowly, watch the couples standing together, beautiful couple.
He moved closer to her. A mirror stood in front of them. Minute passed in pause. He went down on his knee holding a ring in his hand.
He: Allow me, let me live my life. Will you?

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