Saturday, July 4, 2015


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I was on my knees, with my shunted eyes and little uplifted face, as if meditating, I let my anguish flow from my eyes to water the well grown beard.  With no hope that someone will wipe my tears I stayed without moving.  Chilled breeze scorched my cheeks.  I stayed on my knees to apologize to all the million mistakes I made.  My lips fluttered in the hope of her kiss but dried in the fumes of longing fuss.  I tried and tried and tried hard to stop the fumes or at least the sprinkle of emotion that my eyes poured out. 

I felt a soft touch of fingers caressing my hair.  The climate changed.  The breeze no longer hurt me. Instead of putting a stop to my tears my eyes poured out more emotions out, it poured out all that my heart was holding – longings.  I felt she was standing before me caressing my hair with her fingers.  She stopped me from opening my eyes when I was about to open.  I want to see you, I said. You could see me even with your eyes closed, can’t you? She replied.  I have no answer; I stayed with my eyes closed as I could see her.  She came closer to me, I leaned on her waist.  She clutched my head to her waist to feel her, to feel the love of her for me.  I grasped her hips in my arms as tighter as I could in the fear of losing her.  I kissed her on her hip. 

How many hours I held her like that I do not know.  I felt happy like a toddler, euphoric like a new mother, carefree like a saint, and safe like a fetus in amniotic.  My angel, make me a cloud I will pour my love on you, drink me so that I could live in every cell of your.  My Ishtar, blow me in air so that I will cuddle with your breath and get inside your heart.  My love, burn me with your light so that I could get in to the valley of your eyes.  Let me become at least a line in the wrinkle of your lips so that I could stay kissing you when ever you stay silent. My love, you entered my heart and locked from inside, I neither know if there is an exit but I lost the key. 

Slowly like a petal of a flower blown by a slow wind, she came down without giving up the space between us. I eased my clutch for her heart to meet my heart.  I grasped her again to fasten my beats to talk to her heart.  Her soft palms wiped my tears out.  Somebody threw a world’s softest flower on my cheeks, first on the right then on the left.  I took seconds to realize that she kissed me. When I was back from the heaven, as I was blown away with her lips, I wanted to say thanks.  When I was about to open my lips to say thanks she closed it with her lips.  I spoke to her all the unspoken love without parting our lips.  A melancholic silence prevailed.  We didn’t allow even the breeze to pass in between us.  The blowing wind spoke to us in our ears, give me some space between you so that I can walk though, and ease your clutch so that I could feel shy no more.  Do not think that only humans can feel this romance, I am part of you humans.  We ignored its words and continued our heart to heart dialogue.  Love has no time or space.  We stayed together for centuries. 

It felt strange when her beats became faster and faster.  Is it time to part!  My fear increased my heart rate as if it was ready to tear my chest to jump out.  In fear I tightened my clutch, intensely kissed her.  Slowly my euphoria drowned away, the feel of being in amniotic faded away.  Like the darkness paints the twilight with night I felt I was grabbed by darkness.  She disappeared from my arms.  It felt like being in fire.  I slowly opened my eyes to see what has happened, I was dark all around.

I closed my eyes and bent down to pray to the almighty to bring her back.  I heard the wind laughing in my ears…  

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