Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gift of Love...

He was on his laptop putting his thoughts into words, waving romance in sentences, coalescing dreams in characters.  She walked slowly near by, shall I sit she asked.  He moved his laptop away and said, come. He pulled her by her hands slowly.  She sat on his lap and leaned back over him.  You still need to gain wait he said clutching her hands with a soft kiss on her back.  Hmmm… once she grows more inside me I will gain wait automatically she said surfing her abdomen.  If she has to grow healthy you need to eat well, should be healthy only then she will grow well he whispered on her hear.  Mmmm… I will.  You just be with me the same way you are now I will be healthy, no matter what comes I will sustain she replied to his mild kiss on her cheek. 

…it feels wonderful to carry two hearts in same body.  Thanks for making me proud my husband.  She giggled.  Just two! No it is three he said.  You mean you want twins… she asked him still leaning back over him.  No, my dear wife, I mean my heart too… it’s just that you could not hear its beats inside you but it is within you He kissed her on her other cheek.  Let me be like this always, on your lap, over your chest, in the warmth of your love, in the lust of your kiss, in the comfort of your arms.  Let me be this way life long she said in her smooth and soft voice closing her eyes.  Yes you can my dear until my little girl comes to this world and sit on my lap and tell you to move away from her dad he said and smiled.  I know she will be dad’s girl, but remember our second child will be a boy and he will be a mom’s boy and he will not allow you to come near me she giggled.

Boys are always mom’s kids and I know he will be as naughty as you but my girl will be like me.  She will take care of her brother and also me.  She will become a writer like me and you boy will be like you; doing all mischievous activities he said and bit her ear.  Hmmm... They will be glad to get a dad like you she said.  No, they are very glad to get a mom like you, the best love on this planet He said tightening his grip over her.  Are you not feeling sleepy?  Come, I will take you to bed He said.  Let me sleep here, on you.  I am comfortable here she said taking his hand over her abdomen.  Caressing his offspring inside her abdomen he said, Hmmm… okay both of you sleep then; even I am comfortable holding both of my children.

Minutes passed.  Take me to bed. I don't know if your girl will be comfortable in this position for long hours she said still with her eyes closed.  He lifted her in his arms and carried her to bed carefully. He put her on bed and moved away.  Hey my husband, come here she called mischievously.  Tell me, my wife he neared her.  She held her hand and pulled him near her.  Be with me, hug me and don't leave me.  I want more love, more warmness of your arms, more acoustic of your heart beats.  Don't move away please She pleaded.  He lied next to her with his arms over her, looking at her beautiful face glowing with the light of motherhood.  Thank you mister husband she giggled.  I don't want your lips chanting thanks He said.  Then what do you want? She asked.  Mmm.. I want that lips that chanted thanks He said with a kiss on her lips.  Thanks again she said and smiled.  Oh! You want one more He said and kissed her again.

The lights are still on, television was not switched off, fan in the living room is still running; they both were cuddled hesitating to move an inch from each other.  Until my girl jumps in between us we can be like this he said with his eyes closed.  Soon she will jump between us and push you away she said and bit his chin…


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