Saturday, July 25, 2015


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Those little lips sweetened his cheeks.  She poured the purest form of love from her mouth on his cheeks.  Though it is wet he didn’t want to wipe for not even a tank of elixir could be an alternative for those few drops of her saliva.  He closed is eyes but she wanted him to open.  She pinched his eyes lashes with her minuscule fingers and opened his eyes.  Once she could see his eyes opened she smiled.  He opened both of his eyes to see her laughing.  In joy she tried to eat his cheeks with her gums.  Love over flowed from his eyes and wetted his cheeks mixing with the elixir she poured.  However long she played with him she never gets tired and how much ever love she showers on his cheeks he never gets contented. 

Her tiny fingers touched his lips and pinched it to open; he has become a play thing for her and just like a living doll he knows when to respond and when to stay without moving.  She tried to crawl over his chest; he turned a little from his lying posture to help her climb on his chest.  Climbing his chest after hard trails now her accessibility to his face became easier; he lowered downed his breath as she is sitting on his bosom and he is afraid that a little heavier sigh could roll her down.  As if she found a fruit that she lost she bent down and bit his chin with her gums.  Slowly she claimed down to sit on his belly; to lie on his bare chest.  For few seconds she didn’t move as if she is listening to music of his love, the rhythm of his heart.  He started to tap on her back softly in a regular rhythm so that she could sleep.  

In the rhythm of his tap she slept and in rhythm of her breath over his chest he slept.  Few minutes passed and that happened.  The dam of euphoria broke, the destination of his birth is achieved, the moment he is happy to die; he experienced.  He took his mobile which he placed little far from his sleeping daughter and called his better half that is in kitchen.  She has cut the call and came with her lovely voice ‘hey man we have got a kid and you still want me to be with you all the time’.  With a finger on his lips ‘sshhhh…’ he gestured.  ‘What darling’ she whispered in husky tone.  ‘Look at her, see what she is doing’ he said and pulled his wife’s hands.  She bent down to her daughter’s face and laughed.  ‘sshhhh… don't make noise she will walk up’ he said.  ‘Hey she is hungry she thought its mine, it has been three hours since I fed her’ She replied.  As if hearing the voice of God she got up from sucking her dad’s nipple, sat down on his belly and smiled at her mother and lifted her hands towards her.   ‘You will come to me only when you are hungry…’  she murmured lifting her girl in her arms. 

Hey darling, come here for a minute’ he whispered and pulled her by hands.  Once she neared him he tapped her at her lower back.  ‘Idiot, see she is looking at us don't touch me’ she giggled.  ‘Hey only because I touched you she is seeing us now’ He said and laughed.  She pinched him on his lips and tried to walk.  ‘Thank you darling’ he shouted.  ‘For what’ she turned and asked.  ‘I felt like flying, I felt like a mother, I felt like I was in heaven, I felt like I saw God and this is all because of you my dear.  The best thing happened to me in my life - you.  Thanks for coming into my life. Thanks for carrying my life in you and delivering the gift of your love in my hands.’  He said with happy tears on his eyes.  She walked closer to him, bent down, touched his bare chest and whispered ’thanks for giving me such a wonderful pride that I carry in my hand and fed her my love’ and kissed him on his lipsShe went inside the room to feed her baby.  ‘Hey do you need help...’ he shouted.  ‘I will kick you out if you come inside the room…’ she giggled.  He wiped his tears and closed his eyes and murmured ‘Thanks God!’

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