Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hold me and do not leave me...

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…he dropped down on his knees.  Don’t leave me.  I will be a nothing without you Tears ran down his cheeks.  I love you but I have to leave she said.  I have nothing to hold other than you, my love.  This cannot be the punishments for my mistakes, it is better I drop dead he said placing her hands to his chest.  He could feel the shivering, pain and love in her touch. 

I could feel the love in your touch and fear in your shivering.  You give me your love I will wash your fears away.  I will pamper you in my palms, take you in my arms, kiss you like a flower, and make love like rain and the earth. You will carry our dreams in womb and I will nurse you like your mother; will kiss you and tap you to sleep.  After you sleep I will kiss your belly for my girl inside you to sleep.  Let us bring our off springs to this world; a girl, in mixture of your beauty and my skills, who you will love you the most but stay always by my side. And three years later, a boy with all the naughtiness of yours and my complexion. You will give him all your skills and your voice to my girl.  For me and our children you will be our world, you will rule us like a queen of our magical island.  Sometimes we may fight and stay without talking.  My girl will peep in and pull us together and kiss us together.  We will kiss her back.  And without her knowledge I will try to kiss you by that time your boy will jump in and block us.  We four will cuddle together.  Your anger and my irritation will disappear in the love our children. Some day you might fall sick, may be with temperature.  My girl will give you tablet and your boy will lie next to you to hug you and cry.  You will sleep on my lap.  After our children sleep, I will embrace you with all my love and fear and take the illness to my body. When your temperature comes down you will crawl over me and lie down on my chest to listen to my heart beats.  I will caress your dense hair and will say ‘love you, my dear’.  You will kiss my chest.  In the sound of our talk our children will wake up and crawl to us.  My girl will sleep to my right and your naughty boy over you. I will make you all three sleep.  ‘I will protect and will live only for you three’ I will whisper in your ears. ‘I know my lovely husband’ you will murmur in your half sleep.

When I start to office my girl in her school uniform will come and kiss me to say a bye.  And when I call your boy to give me a kiss he will drag me down and byte me on my cheeks just as you do when I ask you a kiss.  I will make sure you eat your breakfast before I leave to break your habit of eating late.  In my lunch I will call you to taste your voice along with the food you packed for me.  You and my girl will sing for me when I am home and your boy will hang on your neck when you sing.

I know our marriage life is not complete until I support your passion.  ‘Your passion is sleeping in the cupboard my darling.  Take it back in your hand.  I can manage my work and our children go out and live your passion.  Once I am published as a writer I can stay back in home completely and take care of our children. You have magic in your hands go out and swirl your wand’ I will tell you.

Sometimes I take leave from work just to be with you alone.  After our children leaves to school we will cook together, I will make you sit on my lap and feed you, and you will feed me.  I will take it directly from your mouth the piece you are eating; will lift you in my arms to bed. ‘Hello dear, we planned only for two’ you will giggle.  ‘O! Really I don't remember’ I will close your lips with mine.  We will live for our children.  We will grow older together and die together.  And…

Tears rolled down on her cheeks.  I have to leave She said.  He became silent. 

Holding her hand to his chest in a hand he grabbed the dagger out of its scabbard from his waist. Hold this he said handing the dagger in her hand that was over his chest.  Are you sure you want to leave me He asked.  She nodded.  It is painful to hear it from you, my love.  Kill me and leave me he said.  She tried to move back but he pulled her by hand.  Placing the dagger exactly over the beating heart he pushed it inside.  In the sudden shock his heart beats raised but the puncture that the dagger had made slowed it down.  The beats slowed, slowed and slowed I love you he murmured; the heart stopped.  He dropped dead on her feet. 

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