Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Rain...

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…it started drizzling; they both watched it standing under a shelter in their terrace.  It was an evening, the Sun faded away quickly, the colorful twilight dimmed faster.  Birds were earlier to their nest.  Clouds started cuddling up together to pour their love over the earth.  They could here the kissing sound of the clouds.  It was going to pour heavily, they knew.

You know why there is a lightening when a cloud kisses the other? He asked
She looked at him romantically and said come on let me hear your usual romantic reason
They do not want anybody to see them kissing, they blind our eyes with a light flash; just like you never wanted me to kiss you when lights are on.  He whispered in her ear.
You won me with your words.  Will you be this romantic towards me all my life time?  She asked with little worry in her eyes.
No He replied.  She frowned.  He lifted her face holding her chins and looked her eyes.  Look at me he said and continued I will not be the same but more romantic like we change our phases in life as lovers to husband and wife then to parents then we will become old holding our grandchildren.  I know what you give you in each phase of life.  We will grow more lovable and romantic as we grow older because love is like wine.
She smiled, rejuvenated with his words, hugged him placing her face on his chest and putting her hand in between his first and second button of his shirt to surf. 
This is the only shirt which has good buttons, my dear He giggled. She pinched him on his chest and tired to take her hands out of his shirt.  He immediately stopped her with his hands okay, okay no worries it is better I go without buttons than missing your hand there.
It was neither night nor evening; in between.  It started pouring heavily, looking at which she ran out into the rain.  He tried to stop her and called her back but as usual she didn’t listen to him. He could see her getting drenched in rain.  She looked at the sky to allow the clouds to pour on her face.  Once in a while the lightening made him fear but she looked like an ivory statue in the thunder light.  She played like a child with open arms trying to hold all the rains that were pouring.  He watched her without uttering a word, anyways he know she will not listen to him once she starts playing.
Come out, lets play she shouted.  He shook his head.  She stopped for a while and with open arms as if asking for a hug she nodded to call him to her.  Without a word he walked into the rain and when he reached her she ran away to escape his hug.  He ran behind her and hugged her from behind. 
You cannot escape from me He said.
I do not want to… She replied, leaning back over his chest and holding his hands to her waist.
I am thirsty
Open your mouth and look at the sky, drink the rain water She giggled
That will not be any sweet He said
So what can we do! She asked.
Close your eyes.  She closed her eyes.  Do not move. 
He placed his lips over her cheeks to kiss.  The rain was heavier now.  She didn’t move for a minute.  I know you She said elbowing him and ran away from him.
Hey wait, it’s raining heavily and we are almost playing for thirty minutes in rain.  You will catch cold or fever.  Let’s go down and get something hot… He said.
She came back to him, closer as she could, hugging him tightly she reached his ear and said I do not want anything hot, when u are there.  Take me down, warm me up… I will not catch cold or fever… she said and kissed him on his cheek…

The rain didn’t stop all night.

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