Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Walk...

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Just like the flowers in two saplings planted next to next, sways in the breeze and kisses each other, they walked hand in hand on the road they strolled years back. 

This is my fate and I have to follow it.  I could still make it, walk with you all through out my life but I am blocked emotionally.  This is not the place for us, this is not the society for us to live, and just like everybody else we need to breathe to keep us alive, and live to show the society we are living she said. 

We don't breathe for others, love and affection is like that of our heart.  We could stop our hands from moving, legs from walking, take pill to stop thinking, close the lashes to stop watching, shut our mouths from talking but could not stop our heart even for a millisecond from beating.  And you know why, every other parts we have is connected to our brain but the cords of our heart is connected to the almighty only he can decide when to stop and for whom it has to beat.  Mine beats for you He replied.

They strolled in silence.  He never have allowed her to walk to his right as the vehicles passes closer by, and, she always keeps an eye on the vehicles crossing him with little fear on her eyes.  In the silence he moved a little bit more on the road and a car came little closer to him and she pulled him to her side.  They stopped.  She looked it to his eyes.  He knows what those eyes say ‘this is not the way you walk on the road.  It is not my body in which you can move without thinking about safety nor this is not my heart where I have only flowers for you to walk’

They continued to walk.  Sometimes mothers try to abort their baby in their womb but, if they fail, they do not ignore them when they are born.  They show their best love.  Just because they tried to kill their baby in womb they cannot be punished.  But I am.  I was punished for trying to abort the love I held in my heart but once I realized it cannot be aborted I endure the labor pain He said.  She looked down, clutched his arms tight and walked along.  He prayed that this road never ends.  She prayed to walk along to his home.

A beautiful girl walked towards them from the opposite side.  She knows it is dangerous to expose a beautiful girl to him than him to a car.  She looked at him, took his hands and wrapped around her hip just to show she owns him.  To show her that ‘He is only mine’ He knows what she feels and he knows now it is the time to show his loyalty to her love.  He gripped her hip and dragged her closer to him.  The girl approaching them looked at his hand that was holding her by hip and looked at his eyes. He looked at his love to ensure ‘I am yours, only yours and it is a promise’ she smiled at him.   The girl came near them and was little closer to him as if to dash him as the road is not broad enough.  A slight fear peeped out from her eyes looking at the girl.  She released herself from his hands and shifted to his right to protect him from the touch of another girl. And the girl walked past them with a smile. 

She is not that good He said and laughed. 
Shut up, why did you see her? She pinched his hands that she was holding.

Why are trying to retain me?  I didn’t show much love She whispered a lie.
Yes, you have not showed me much love.  You have not shown me enough love you can because it is very short span we were together.  I want to live in your love.  I know how much you hold in your heart for me He replied back.  She could not reply.  The walk continued.  God has started to paint the twilight with darkness. 

We are always worried about what others think about us.  And you always think about a temporary solution to suffice this society.  We do not realize this is just one life with very short span.  We live for others and others live for some others He said with little anger.
Nothing is left in my hand.  Only the almighty has to decide She replied and loosened the clutch of her hands. 

They reached the limbo.  She tried to walk away from him.  He pulled her towards him by hands and said,

I will wait for you, my love, I will wait for you.  My arms are always wide open for you.  Don't make me wait for a longer time as the life is very short.  If you have decided to leave me then do not regret sometimes in your life tears rolled down on his cheeks I have to respect your decision for love is not just lust but respect. And if you cannot come back…, lump in his throat stopped him from speaking please take care.  Love you. 

He said and walked away.

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