Thursday, June 21, 2012

The game which love plays

…I tried hard to push the food inside my throat but it refused because of the lump of love created by the presence of her around.  Though surrounded by people I felt alone, trapped with the emotion of being in love, stung by the evil snake - bitterness, kissed by longing for being along, embraced by soberness.  She stood from her seat walked nearby; I downed my eyes and bent my head skipping the tug of war between my brain and heart.  How many times I have thought about giving up, and allow my fate to take over my life, how many times I have thought that I do not deserve her, she would not like me, she doesn’t even like me looking at her, it’s better to drown in poison then to bear her hesitation.  

Somebody came near to me, touched my shoulders, I know it’s her but I didn’t lift my head up because I would cry if I see her eyes, my wounds of longing would bleed tears.  She touched my head, shook my hairs with her fingers, my eyesight went blur blocked by the tears rolled.  How long I waited for such a moment! How many centuries I waited for such a touch! How much incarnation’s longing to feel the love of her heart!

She took my chin in her palm, lifted my face and ordered me to look into her eyes.  Penetrating through the shield she has for her eyes, I saw my image in her eyes.  She wiped my wet lashes to stop the tears rolling out of my eyes.

“Don’t worry” she said

I nodded my head

She shook her head and smiled.

“Everybody is watching” I said

“I am yours” she replied

“What would people thing about us, shall we talk later” I asked her

“Sorry I missed you for quiet long period” she replied

“You took too long to realize my love” I said, tears rolling on my cheek

“I am yours” she replied

“I almost lost my hope, I never thought you would understand me” I said

“No more tears, hold my hands and never let me go” she replied

“I feel the warmness as if I am being in Amniotic when you touched” I said

“Your mine, part of my soul, I will take care of you” she replied

“I thought of speaking hours together on this day, now I am running out of words, running out of thoughts, running out of memory, I could not recollect anything, you have filled my entire universe in a second” I told her.

“I do not need explanation, just be mine” she replied

I looked into her eyes, her broken wand, her beauty, reflection of my love, the reason for my life, and nourishment for my bleeding heart. 

I touched her cheeks, she closed her eyes, and I slid her head forward, towards me, and kissed in her forehead.

 “Everybody’s watching” she said

“I love you” I replied.

She grabbed my hand and clenched my fingers with her fingers. 

I slid my head, bent towards her, placed my head on her shoulder.

“I wanna die” I said

“You already died now you're new born, for me, for me alone” she consoled caressing my cheeks.

I closed my eyes.  Hours passed on her shoulder; I understood what does fulfillment in life means and why people die in lack of love.

I opened my eyes, I could see only the floor, my heart pondered, it was searching for her eyes, her caress, her touch, her finger clenches, her broken wand, her shoulders, but I could see only the floor.  She was in her seat blooming like a sunflower in day light.  Realization of the hallucinating moments rolled me like a waste paper, crushed me and thrown me to the corner of my heart.I walked away from her sight.

 The game which love plays.



  1. lovely well penned, satish !:)

  2. This warmed my heart, savere, savere :)

  3. the game which love plays ....yeah not so simple to understand ...lovely story Satish . More than the story I love the way to narrate , I am almost transported into the story .

  4. This is a very different take on love. Death, loss and longing knitted in perfectly. A beautiful and meaningful read.

  5. It happened to me also :) It played a lot in my life too :)

    1. Cheer up charlie... everything has a reason :)


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