Sunday, June 3, 2012

You fill my world...

I saw an asteroid flying inside the atmosphere, burning, and disappeared by itself before reaching its destination, of course it do not know what its destination is just like me.  It has fallen in love with the goddess earth and before it could reach her it lost itself in her.

My Universe, which holds ton of miracles with it, capable of accommodating my angel with enough space for all the love she spreads and all the beauty she carries.  It expands whenever I think that she is mine and shrinks whenever I think she is not mine yet.  Alike the water rushes out through the cracked wall of a lake, her gestures cracks my cell wall to enter into my brain to erase all the memory in a trance second and she leaves just her foot trace in my memory.

What could a black hole do to universe!  Grasps whatever comes near and makes everything into one immaculate thing – the Null.  I felt a black hole enter into my universe scattered all my memories, vanity, pride, good, bad and the thing ‘myself’.  The power of a black hole – a black mole – is enormous instead grabbing everything in my universe it grabbed my universe into it and made me the immaculate thing – the Null. The gravity of love, the gravity of her liveliness, and the gravity of her loveliness which I dare to withstand attracts me into that dark point and my universe collapses in her.

I want to grab her hand fly into the space at the speed of light to show her the past, my loneliness which I withstood, the days I sat thinking just about her, and show her to herself how lovely she is.  Farther more in the space, faster than light to overtake the images which started traveling into the space centuries back, to make her believe this is not the first time I see you.  Centuries back when I and she was together with grater love which no one could posses. 

The river side, the day when I crossed by, she came out from the divine river, walking with a dark maroon clothe embracing, filling the air with romance.  I got down from horse seeing her from a distance, mesmerized with the fragrance, attracted with by the beauty which she sowed in air, the water sufficing the sand.  She walked like a blossom of a softest soft rose buds.  I could have been that lifeless sand to get sufficed with the water sprinkling from her, to kiss her foot and embrace her softness.  The immortal has given me life and made me useless I could have been lifeless.  I walked near her with thirst of love and lust, the sacred love and lust, it is sacred only with the soul mate and I know she is the broken part of my soul, the only one who could make my life a life. 

I walked close to her, I said ‘I see you, I see my soul’.  She didn’t believe she stayed away from me and turned to walk, I ran before her, thrown my sword to her feet to say ‘I surrender, I surrender to the beauty my goddess, I surrender to the love, do not ask me how is that possible in few minutes, I see you, I see my soul in you.  The result of my soul search, here I surrender myself to you.  You need not believe but take the sword and stab me right now I could not move an inch from you carrying such a heavy heart longing for you.   Do not believe me, but I will wait for the day to come, for you to come, I will wait here the same place’.

 She walked away looking at somebody approaching.  Divine breeze with her amazement flowed caressing her and few drops of water sprinkles came touching my eye lashes to put off the burning soul search.

Sound of a fast approaching particle reached before the arrow which missed my chest when I moved and stuck in her foot trace.  I was annoyed to see the arrow piercing my angel’s foot trace.  I grabbed my sword and stuck the arrow to make it into pieces….

 I want to show her all those things happened. I want her to believe that I am the asteroid which the omnipotent had had thrown from space since I have fallen in love with a goddess and to get disappear in her.


  1. You have great imagination, do think of writing a novel for young adult:)

    1. Thank you Ghazala...
      I take this as a sign.

  2. Very nice post..:-) great narration..:-)

  3. That's beautiful imagination and almost poetic prose :)

  4. satish bhai, congratulations on writing such an evocative post. your imagery and narration are truly wonderful.


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