Saturday, June 16, 2012


I was sitting, gesturing leg over leg, looking at it; it is not reflective but a semi-refractive one.  Looked at it for a very long time it seemed to be plain and numb as if missing nourishment for years long.  What could nourish it? The image of my enchantress that nourishes my eyes and my refractive heart, could do?

By the time I was analyzing what could make this numb non-living alive, my heart went numb because she didn’t turn up, it’s time for her to come.

Its color changed, instead showing me images it showed me a vision. 

…that was a slow moving river; she is in her pink attire, sitting by the river in a soothing evening sun light, legs into the moving water and drawing figures with her fingers on the sand.  As if the water had fallen in love with her, refusing to move from her river moved slowly embracing her rose foots.  And of course the wet sand didn’t move been mesmerized by her soft touch. 

A toddler came running towards her, jumped in to the water and the river was waiting for such a moment to touch her face, water sprinkled on her face. She closed her eyes, wiped her face with hands, looked at the small boy for few seconds and busted in to laugh and the small boy threw a smile on her along with a hand full of water.  For a few seconds there was a sound of water splashing and sprinkling, the sound reflected the flowing rivers happiness.   She glowed like fire when she reflected the setting sun. 

The small boy came walking from the water and sat next to her.  She started playing with his soft hair, bent down to him and kissed him on his cheeks. He smiled, got up, paused for a second and grabbed her with his tiny hands and lovingly kissed her on cheek.  I was watching her sitting at a good distance so that she could not see me, behind her. 

She got up, grabbed his hands and started to walk.  She saw me.  I felt happy to fall in to her eyes. She changed her sight to a difference direction, which I expected.  I thought she would not walk towards my direction, but she walked briskly, talking with that toddler, she neared me, I know she want to show her guts which I loved.  She crossed me throwing her brave eyes on me. 

‘…you need not show your guts to me, I am not stranger, I am a part of you.  You hate me or like me, I am in love.  I am in love with you because I am in love with you I have no reason, the reason which I found after very long time. Along with your beauty, along with your broken wand and the black crown it holds, along with the light which I see, I love your guts too’ I want to tell her.  She walked crossing carrying her vanity, and the guts which she want to show me. 

It was back to its color. 

Oh what is this vision, how do I decipher, what does it symbolizes, is that a sign for me to interpret or it is a retrieval of the past memory!

I next few seconds after those trance moments, again it showed her to me, her image in pink attire.  No, everything looked normal, I was not in trance, and its color too didn’t change.

Oh it’s not a vision or hallucination, it’s her real image.  It could not neither allow her image to pass her even though being refractive, nor it could not show her image properly even though being semi-reflective.  It struggled to show her image, I know, it was not able to suddenly revitalize itself with such an extraordinary beauty.   Seeing which I changed my gesture, I dropped my leg over leg position respecting her.  Of course I respect her, I respect myself, I respect my love, and I do not know how but I love her hatredness, I love her hesitations.  Love teaches respect.   

She walked crossing carrying her vanity, and the guts which she want to show me.

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