Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do not be Human…

“The first defeat of the day starts in the morning when you postpone the time you wake up” a thought, which I read in facebook kindled me, made me woke up early in the morning today, I thought  I should delete this thought from my brain, Gosh, too tough to get up early in the morning.

Okay, so what happened as a result of me getting up early is, I caught a crowded train.  “Oh God, now because of a bloody thought I have to stand for 1hr” I thought.   Train speeded at 25km/hr; what non-sense measurement is this, called speed, 100km/hr is called as speed and even 10km/hr is also called speed.  Oh! There is another word called ‘fast’ and the same hypothesis applies for it too.  Okay forget it.  

After two three stations a couple got in and they stood next to me near the door.  Since I was totally immersed with my book I could not hear what they spoke each other.  But I could feel that she was bit aggressively talking about some family interim issues.  Her voice softened suddenly, She said, she was not able stand.  It took some time for me to take my eyes out of the book and observer that she is carrying.  She caught hold of her husband’s shoulder and leaned on his bosom.  Now, I could observer her pain because in 30 minutes standing, my back started hurting, so I could feel the pain of a woman who is carrying a baby carefully within her.  I could not control myself to see her painful face, so I moved and gave some space and asked her to move inside so that somebody will give her seat to sit.  She moved between the seats along with her husband’s hand in her hand. 

I was keen on who is goanna give seat for her and for my wonder nobody did so, even after seeing her pain.  “Bloody people, carrying the fetus of laziness in the brain” I thought.  She again whispered in her husband’s ears that she could not stand.  I could not shout at somebody to get up because we live in a bloody democratic, human-rights valued country and it’s their wish to get up or not to give seat.  I became restless and even thought of telling her husband why the hell you want her to get in to this train, why cannot you wait for few more minutes for the next.  But I stopped myself. 

Now, why do I say do not be human?  We Homo sapiens say we are supreme among the creations and name ourselves ‘rational-animal’.  May be not all are bad, and you “not-bad” people do not reflect the society.  And my dear rest of the ‘not-all’, do not be just humans, do not be just a rational-animal, raise up to a different level, sometimes you can even thinking of being a Mom, a Dad, a women carrying a little fetus, and why not you can even think in the shoes of God. 

Back to the scene:  few minutes train stopped in a station before the destination station, few Homo sapiens got down and a future mother got her seat and I am happy.
Do not be Just Humans.

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