Saturday, February 4, 2012

Say No to me!

Say No!
You have all rights to say no to me. 
I have cold and flu, know the reason! Yesterday I have fallen in to your Ice.  O! Spelling mistake or my saccade mistake!  Yeah. It my mistake, say No to me, I will never dip me in to your eyes.

Say No to me. You will not find me waiting for you, for your seconds of scent.  Waiting! could it be the right word for me? It should be longing, whatever! I know it’s the same for you. You will not find me behind you; will not find me thinking about you all 86400 seconds.  You cannot hear the sound of the pondering heart if suppose you want to hear the beats for you.  What does it matters for you! You can say no to me if you want, sorry I you do not want.

Say No. You will not be my pride for me to say we are tied. You will never ever get to know how much I am in need of you, and you will ever know my dreams for you.  You will never hear what sits in my subconscious, and you will not be the happy ending of my book. Psychic world filled with happiness, love and affection just for you, you will miss being in me as just you.  So! What the hell! You can anyways say no to me. 
Say No.  I will not die; because I love myself as much I love you.  Know why? I love myself, if I cannot love myself how can I love you, how can I convince my brain that I deserve you!  How can I ask you to love me if I don’t have something to love myself!  I am not someone very special but I can make the life special with you and you alone.  Bloody, who else you think can admire you much as I do!                         
So what! How does it bother you? You can always say no. 

Come on, you can say no.  You will not see me in your lap when I am tired, and you will miss my shoulders if we are not tied.  You will not find somebody whom you can hesitate.  You might miss the vanity that a tough guy is behind you.

Gosh! Say No. I am missing you being with me. But have a second thought. 

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