Saturday, February 18, 2012

In the Marriage Market; I am expecting a recession

Retrospection; society is build up of moms, dads, brothers, sisters, so-called relatives, et cetra.  Down to earth, who understands the feel of a girl be it a mom, dad or anybody.  Marriage, the society looks it as selling living things in commodity market, where there is no ex-change of money for commodity, but commodity and money just for a ceremony called Marriage.  And every angels came to this world, has been considered as just a commodity.  I am expecting a recession in this non-sense market.
Marriages are decided in Heaven! Non-sense.
As part of the bloody ceremony in the stupid marriage market, a 6’ 2”guy came to see a girl; he gave different types of pose as if somebody is taking photo in SLR-Camera and facial expressions in flavors.   Went back home and said 'girl is short, and that is the reason I reject'.  ‘Bloody are you recruiting for the post of wife? Or do not you know this when you have seen her profile? Is that is her problem that you have grown too much?’  I even heard a human-oid saying “dowry is a non-taxable income”.  I need to tell him “Boss, dowry is a proof of your disability and do not tell this again else I might consider a complaint to Income-tax department”

My dear society, you hate love and lovers and sell your daughters in the name of marriage where exactly girls are cursed and money is prized. Let somebody change this pattern of ‘money-come-arranged’ marriage and shift to ‘love-cum-arranged’ marriage.  May be out of veil of pain I write this, seeing all my pretty angels prevailing in melancholy.  My dear girls come out you boxes, parents worth your love not you sacrifice to pain.  And my dear boys, thou we curse girls, we do hell lot of crazy things just for them; you need not show your handicapped nature in this marriage market, oh! Sorry this society doesn’t likes words like “handicapped”, let me put some society-jargon here – Different ability.

Aha! Kudos, you society.


  1. Good that you wrote these words. But who listens?Here around me I am seeing people bragging about dowry they "took" from their parents, it shows how much the father loves the daughter it seems.A funny but lame reason to send one person or family into debt right?Why blame only male members of society?I know girls these days demanding such things to their own parents.Love, is not at all in the air/heart.Let us pray that atleast people who have it don't lose it.

    1. Thanks, I can hear that the you speak you mind. Well said, why blame only male members. But I believe being male dominant society, male genders could be the only source to start stopping the dowry system.

      Will love to hear your thoughts in reply. Thanks again.

  2. I don't think the dowry system killing angels these days.... instead Devils(in the name of angels) expecting the groom should earn 20 lakh P/A, flat in metro, Bank balance, without parents,and slave for their family. All they expecting is a money making machine in the name of husband. If they scarify the money machine surely they will get a human husband.


    1. Vanchi, A different thought, glad that you have brought the darker side too. Yeah! true. I was talking about Angels be that case devils too prevails :)


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