Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Funny chat, with Mom

Today, early morning when I woke up, my clock ticked 09.15am.  
"Watch is wrong?" I thought
"No Man, you're right, its 09.15am" I said myself

Mom was around, busy cooking.  We are suppose to go out for some intra-family reason, so I got up had tea, brushed, bathed, got ready by 11.00am.Ya, ya pretty long time, but usually happens.

Ouff! Did I say 'had tea, brushed', fine, that was my habit, not my problem; Mom prepares tea before I get up. 

Dad got ready, and called an auto.  Meanwhile we are waiting for the auto, Mom started talking about something, something which I rarely hear and if I have to reply sometimes that would be a question which she will reply with another question.  

When Mom was talking, she stopped talking when she was talking about money, and said "yesterday, one of our ex-servent came to see me"

"Ok ma, so what?" I replied

"So nothing, her son has grown up now, he got a job it seems" she continued

"Oh! Good" I replied, this time without question.

"He is earning 9000 per month it seems" she continued,

"Hmm! Okay" even this time no question from my side,

"She said that her son, every month, without even opening the salary cover, hands over the nine thousands to her" Mom said "all nine thousands, and you?" she continued.

Now I got the point.  She wants to tell me that I am not giving my salary to her or for home.  Hmm, that's true I sometimes do not give my entire salary, I mean not even a part of it.  Reason behind is that my parents are not in a much need of money that I give.  So now I have to reply her, what should I say! My dear brain, give me some answer that will not make the situation no-serious. 

"Ma, is this is your problem? Simple ma,
From next month, for sure I will give you nine thousands in your hand, Okay!" I said

Everybody around laughed. Meanwhile auto came, talk diverted.

ssh! Great escape this time.

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