Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I was walking on the platform in a railway station, I saw a pretty girl. Maroon Salwar, white shawl, Maroonish sandals, white ear rings. Wow! awesome looking, elegant and beauty in adjacent angle.

Hmm! Nice to look at.

While I was waiting for the train to come and looking at this girl in parallel; a small boy, could be in his five, ugly dress, torn shirt, and his trousers torn in place which it shouldn't have, walked to her.

I could not hear what he said to her, but his gestures. He tapped his stomach and showed his hands begging for money or something to eat. She gave a odd look at that small one.

After three four trials the boy bent down and touched her sandals; she moved away. Just to gain her smile, somebody standing near to the girl shouted at the small boy, he got frightened and moved away from her.

He went near another girl, this time he didn't bent down to touch her feet but repeated the same gestures. She looked not-bad, sweet, humble and kind; she searched something in her bag and took something and placed in his hands. The boy smiled and ran away.

Ouff! Why do I say this. Anyways, Happy Valentines Day.

Go on your knees; do not touch the feet.

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