Sunday, May 1, 2011

Love - Proposal

Not all the days in life will be special as the day of we propose our love to someone, when our saccades shift to heart and beats shift to our eyes, thousands of colorful flowers blossoms in our brain, words we have forgotten will come to our mind for the so-called poems we write, six hours of essential sleep senses too much. 
Syndromes of love might change in flavors between people but almost same in characteristics.   Possibilities are there for Stockholm syndrome or Lima syndrome which acts as love initiator and might become Diogenes syndrome when love sucks.
Whatever, I am goanna tell you all a short story of proposal, my first step towards my dream book and storytelling.

 Apr 27, 2005
It was a hot day in that summer in a small town, outskirts of Chennai. 

“So, My guess is correct!” said an voice from telephone, Santhosh kept the phone receiver down and started scribbling in his math book, which he borrowed first time in his 4 semesters of college life for his arrears exam which he suppose to take the very next day. 
                Santhosh waited for his friends, Vidya and Ajay to join him for the math group study.  Vidya entered his home at 09.50am with lots of smile, loads of beauty, gorgeous look, “Hi” in her usual childish voice.  Vidya is fare, good looking girl voted in the whole college.  As soon as she entered, “now tell me who that girl is? You said you will tell me today!” Vidya said.  “Sure, I will tell you. You know her, she is too close to you” replied Santhosh.   Ajay joined both at 10.15am.  Santhosh and Vidya kept their discussion secret from Ajay.

                All three started discussing maths.  Between their discussions Vidya taped Santhosh’s lap and said “my odd guess is Soni!”
“May be” replied Santhosh.  “Now lets maths” Santhosh added.  After some maths and long chat out of the subject, it was lunch time. 
Now again Vidya asked “is its bsc maths Saranya?” itching her head
“Hey not a bad choice, but former one should be better” said Santhosh
Lunch time passed away with no discussion on Santhosh lover since his Mother was around to provide food.   Again discussion started which was again out of syllabus.
“Last time it was Santhosh this both of you” said Ajay
“What” Vidya asked.
“Last time it was only Santhosh screwed my maths preparation and this time both of you combined together” said Ajay.
“All fate” laughed Vidya.
“Tell me who is she? I am goanna kill you” whispered Vidya in Santhosh’s ears.
Interrupted by Ajay, Santhosh and Vidya stop that discussion and started changing the pages of the math book.  Most of the group studies prove useless that too with a beautiful girl and funny boy as friends, worse if it only with a girl or girls. 
Santhosh has anyways decided to confess the name of his lover to his best friend, but struggled to do it directly. 
“It wouldn’t be good if he doesn’t confess the name to my best friend, Vidya.  But how?” thought Santhosh
Proposing or confessing love is always tough job, because human negative filtering always pulls us back to think of the negative reaction from opposite direction and actions following.  Hmmm! Proposals has to be made but confession takes place automatically without our knowledge though we are not put under a situation to do so.  But! Forced confession, is tough.

All three decided stop study and go out.
“Let us go to internet café”, said Vidya
“I want to see how messenger works”, Vidya continued.
It was the days when messenger was not very popular alike these days, very less functionality in messenger; nobody cares about chat rooms too.
There was one internet center wherein its 30 per hour.
“Owner of this café is an MCA graduate”, said Santhosh when entering the café.
“So what?” said Vidya.
“So nothing, but this guy went to TCS interview with his graduation certificate along with MLA recommendation letter for developer post” said Santhosh. Vidya started laughing.  “Good Idea, I will take my relatives recommendation letter for my Microsoft interview”, said Ajay.  “Relative aha!!” said Vidya. “Yes, my dad.  He is a big shot in my place”, Ajay added.  “Essaappa, Mudiyala”, giggled Santhosh.

Santhosh, Vidya and Ajay took one single system saying Ajay is not goanna work, he will be idle.  Santhosh and Vidya started chanting in Yahoo messenger in one system don’t think how that is possible! It’s possible if one messenger window is opened, contact added is offline still message can be typed and both types in the same messenger window!
“Who is she?”
“You know her”
“Give me some clue atleast”
“You are very close to her”
“Any other clue?”
“hmmmm, She is so beautiful”
very beautiful
no head weight
two eyes
two legs
one mouth

>>>>>>very very very good<<<<<<<<<
but not possible for me
ok i will tell the name today >>>>>>>>>ok
Messenger window is filled with text by Santhosh and Vidya foolishly sharing the keyboard one after the other.   Teen age is crazy always, who so ever it may concern.  It drives us fool but that is the only age when our smiles are true, laughter will be from heart, makes us feels like love is true and blind. In short , it will be like the happiness of an underpaid employee getting unexpected hike even after his/her screwed appraisal.
Chit chat, single window chat, giggling passed the time it and at 04.10pm all three decided to leave the café.
“Finally, tell me who is she”, said Vidya.
Santhosh grabbed his accounts notes which she asked for taking notes, asked her to move away few steps, Vidya moved few steps away from Santhosh.
Santhosh scribbled something on the note and gave it back.
“Read it only after reaching home, it’s a promise” said Santhosh
“Okay” replied Vidya. 

All three walked to bus stop. In few seconds bus came Vidya entered and waved her hand to tell ‘ta ta’, Santhosh waved back.

Vidya got a window seat, which she likes a lot.  She opened the note
Page 1:
 Hi, want to know who is she… hmmmm turn to page number 64
Vidya turned the page to 64
Page 64:
Why cann’t you guess, you know her…
No guess still ok then turn to page 123
Page 123:
You see her daily, you talk to her daily…
still cannot find!!
Ok now turn to page 163

Vidya turned the page to 163. 
“I expected this” said Vidya to herself with half happiness and half sadness.

05.00 pm:

Vidya got down from bus and called Santhosh landline number.  Santhosh picked the call immediately as he was waiting for it.
“So, My guess is correct!” Said Vidya. 
“I expected this, ok leave it now study well for tomorrows exam we will talk about this after exam ok! Read well” Vidya added.
“OK” said Santhosh and call got cut.

Page 163:
Sorry Vidya, I know I cannot tell this to you
But sorry
It’s you, you, you
Yes it’s you.
- - - & - - -
Miss You Vidya -Santhosh