Saturday, October 8, 2011


It’s an arts and science college, far away from the Chennai city where no much crowd expected in the road but in college, well not quite in classrooms.   Prasana joined M.Sc Mathematics in that college after clearing all his back-lacks of his under graduation, after his under graduation.  First day in M.Sc Mathematics in such remote college did created no interest in Prasana with respect to studies as he cannot create it himself even in higher grade colleges too.  Week later Prasana gathered few matching friends.  They roamed around the college, visited classrooms, sometimes visited their own class room sessions too and whenever they were sitting in the classroom session there would be some problems always by the professors; in the black board and in class room by our Prasana.  
Once a chewed bubble gum flew from the back bench and got stuck in the hairs of the lady professor who was in middle of lecture.  She took the bubble gum from her hair with a paper and dropped it in the basket but didn’t react much. “I don’t eat chewed one, because it’s a bad habit also contagious, so give me a new one if you have” said the professor and turned to black board to continue her lecture.  In another few seconds a new bubble gum flew hitting her back.  Prasana smiled at her when she turned.  Professor bent down and picked the bubble gum, smiled and paused for a minute.  Entire classroom was in shock, students never saw her tensed or annoyed but what has happened was very serious.
“Childish behavior, but don’t be too childish we have restrooms in our college” said the professor, entire class broke into laugh except Prasana.  Ladies are cleaver, we know or at least I experienced and lady professors should be cleverest.  For quite a long time after the bubble gum incident Prasana was not found in her sessions but once Prasana was found sitting her session.  When she saw him she asked him to sit in the first bench and she started her lecture this time she has no work with black board so she was explaining something looking at the students.  Professor stopped her lecture in 5 minutes she started, making students to wonder why.  Reason, she found Prasana had an eye on her long necklace in fact not on the necklace.  “Prasana, wouldn’t this necklace suite your mother?” asked the professor.  Prasana stood looked around and left the class and his friends followed him in seconds.  She continued her class once he left and pretended as if nothing has happened.
Professors are half psychologists up to me, they could find out what their students think when they are around them.  Also could guess what students reads in their mind in the class when they where inside.  We call them as ladders that lift us high in life for no personal or financial reason and stay where they are.
It was a students strike to change the bad canteen in the college, group of activist started breaking the glasses and canteen materials.  Strike became very big and when the same lady professor came down from her department to talk to the students, Prasana got a chance to throw a stone at her and she was rushed to hospital.  Prasana continued to encourage his friends breaking lab equipments, computer monitors, class room benches et cetera.
Prasana became big problem to the entire college as he became older and older to the campus.  All-collage staffs met the principal to take some control action on Prasana and his friends to stop their stunts inside college.  Mohan has joined the day when all staffs met the principal so he was made to sit among them and made listen to the problems they spoke.  Mohan was ten years old as a professor in Mathematics and worked in two different colleges before joining this college.  After the meeting was over Mohan spoke to the principal saying he can talk to those problematic students.
Very next day of his joining he arranged for a meeting with all those problematic students in college conference hall.  Prasana had no interest in that meeting alike his friends.  They listened to Mohan very carefully carefree to let Mohan know they are less bothered about him, still Mohan tried convincing the problematic’s, but he failed.  The same day in the evening Prasana and his friends waited for Mohan to reach the near by railway station.  They cornered Mohan immediately when he reached railway station.  Prasana looked into Mohan’s eye and next moment he slapped Mohan continuously for a minute.  “I should not see you any more in the college” screamed Prasana at Mohan and left the station. Next day after the railway station attack, Mohan came very late to college discussed about the incident happened in the railway station with the principal.  Principal felt sorry for him and offered him to quite and added that he could arrange for position in a different college he know but Mohan refused and told him that he want to stay their and will make his stay good also refused any police compliant offered by the principal.
Mohan went to his seat; no other professors were in seat.  Mohan called his office assistant and told him to call Prasana to his seat.  Office assistant searched for Prasana in canteen, lawn and parking but finally found him in classroom and conveyed the message.  Prasana went to Mohan stood carelessly.  Mohan told him that he would be resigning from the college soon and paused.  Prasana didn’t react.  Mohan stood walked around Prasana talking about life, his past experience and students he met in his experience.  Prasana was totally carefree about Mohan’s speech.  Mohan suddenly stopped walking around him and called the securities.  Prasana wondered what was happening! He had no idea why securities were called.  Two securities came running.  Mohan told the securities to check him thoroughly since he found the smell of brown sugar/kanja from Prasana.   Securities checked him and found a tiny packet bundle which was white in color from his back pocket.  Mohan opened the packet and smelled it and screamed “brown sugar, call the police immediately let this guy be in jail for 14 years”.  Prasana was stunned and frozen in fear, started crying “sir, no sir, I don’t know how it came it to my pocket.  I don’t use brown sugar and all, please sir show mercy on me, sorry for beating you sir”.   Mohan didn’t show him any mercy and shouted to call police.  “I wouldn’t do any mischievous here after sir please sir” cried Prasana catching Mohan’s legs.  “Ok, get up I should not get any mischievous news about you in college and anywhere where your presence is their” said Mohan.  Prasana accepted for the agreement, wiped his tears and walked back to his class room.   After that day Prasana and his friends became no problem to the college. 
Principal got to know that Prasana and friends were no more a problem after he Mohan met Prasana personally.  Principal called Mohan to his office
“did he really carried brown sugar?” asked Principal,
 “No sir” replied Mohan
“But what was that packet with white powder, How it came into his pocket?” wondered Principal
“It’s my Ponds powder which I brought from my home sir” said Mohan in very low voice “and please don’t share this with anybody” continued Mohan making principal to laugh loudly.