Sunday, February 26, 2017

Beacon Of Revolution

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In the hands of greedy international chunks,
My identity, my people are in funks.

To satiate the paunch of the few wealthy,
My rulers, whom we believed, are becoming filthy.

Some talk about the sacrifice for mass wellness,
Don't you know to eat human flesh is cunningness!

For the sake of science and technology
It has all become the source of aetiology

In the hands of corporate my rulers were puppets,
In the funeral of farmers and commons they blow trumpets.

They disintegrate us in the name of religions and caste,
They don't know it’s a curse they themselves cast.

It cannot be night all throughout,
The time has come to fight out.

In the stream of fast flowing blood,
Filthy germs will not be spared.

It’s a warning to the power and money hungers,
In the hands of the youth you are in danger.

Technical genocide will not be allowed,
Try and you people, in the revolution, will be swallowed.

Let’s live and let live,
Pray that humanity long lives.

#SaveNeduvasal #SaveFarmers #SaveTN

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Things to laugh at

When I have no guts to cry I write something and console myself; just a try. Compromise, sacrifice, accept, and make everybody happy all these sometime works and many a times make me a hippie. Hell a lot advice when they themselves know not what is wise. In the name of God only the guilt is induced in the heart; who could guard? People believe anything could be spoken just that they have a mouth and believe just a sorry could console and soothe.  Point your finger at someone and name him a sinner. Oh my wonderful people why your brain has become so thinner; nobody is responsible for what happens to you.

What a foolishness to think only what you imagine is right and everything else is a plight.  This is a world, which is nothing but a void, holds all types of labyrinth which holds all the god particles to make us stay cloyed. But humans have created labyrinths that make us strangle and provokes wrangles.  When you put fire on someone’s roof make sure you have enough water to put off the future fire on your roof; now don't ask me proof.  We create chaos and die forgetting our off springs could become sly. What need do we have of science and technology when we do not know we are just insects to this world; understand God’s entomology.

Oh did I forget to write about love! All that we are taught is that, to each other, we owe.  We talk about peace in the world with pieces of meat in our plate.  Bloodshed is wrong; be it for crude oil or to put chicken in foil.  In everything we are distracted and halt in midway.  Being human stops within caste, secularism stops within religion, women’s empowerment stops with wardrobes, parental love stops with off springs.  In spite of all these we teach love and expect to be loved.

So many things to laugh at; just to satiate the urge to grab more that of our need, to overpower others, we play the game of love, hate, angry, happiness, sadness, war, peace, science, technology, racism, socialism, secularism, communism, caste, religion, country, money, politics, democracy, aristocracy, revolution etc.,  All rubbish stays and people who upheld these dies.  When my ancestors roamed in the forest free and naked they were hungry only in their stomach.  When they covered their body and become naked in brain they became hungry in their head; thus the chaos.

 Cutting trees and making fans makes no sense. Inducing poison to cure diseases is insane.  Provoking guilt and pouring love is nonsense.  Cursing someone knowing not the curse spelt on you is nuisance. Making money by poisoning the crops is like cutting your own genitals. Eating rubbish and longing for health is foolishness.  O! Dear fellow beings, how many things to laugh at.

Before I realized what all I gathered in my mind and body is the residue of the society I have become the residue itself.  To clean, understand and enlighten is responsibility of oneself.  God has no role to play, sprites has nothing to say, selfish love cannot stay, everyone is free to live in his or her own way, freewill is what is needed, dear humans, hell bent to society, please don't slay.