Sunday, November 30, 2014

A colorless flower

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Slowly the light faded, the night covered his heart, no sign of stars even.  In that pitch dark, under the shadow of the night, a sapling that has grown inside that was watered for days and nights and well preserved has sprouted a flower, a colorless flower, which cannot be seen in dark, cannot be seen in the winter, and cannot be seen by most of the beings. This flower, most of the time, fades and withers on the cotton before the light comes.  And being colorless it fades away from others eyes too, only the sapling and gardener knows its existence and exhaustion. When he closed his eyes the flower withered on his cheeks. The image of converting his words in printed papers, his long-lasting dream, flashed his eyes.  He knows a little courage and confidence will one day make his dream come true. But what could seed that courage and confidence in his heart is something he doesn't know.  The dream of somebody holding his heart, as coalesced words, in hands to read and appreciate watered the sapling in his heart and the colorless flowers dropped one by one on his cheeks. 

The longing for the light, the true light which could give colors to those flowers, swayed the solitude cradle and oiled his dark flames.  The fumes of the pangs made him suffocate as if somebody clutched his throat.  Be it whatever, he kept is heart beat and sapling grow in a belief that one day he will reach an oasis in this deserted life.

When he has missed an angel that flew from up above to take him to heaven he made all his love for the angel into words.  He wrote all those words sitting on a sea shore where he saw a mermaid that soothed his heart.  Without thinking about what is inside the sea he jumped into it along with mermaid.  He enjoyed until he reached the deep mid sea where in he found it’s the world for mermaids.  He is an odd man there.  He wanted to drink all the salt water to make the place for him.  When his stomach was full he learnt he neither could drink the entire sea nor take the mermaid to land, only one can survive.  It is water everywhere but not a drop of fresh water to drink.  Thirst made him to die for water.  To die in sleep is bliss but to sleep while throat hurts and longs for a drop of fresh water is painful.  In the urge of putting is thirst off he swam to the shore leaving mermaid in her place.  In love, the mermaid often tried to pull him into the sea forgetting it is not the place for him and he is not ready to die; mistake of the designer.

A minuscule lamp will lit is night but he neither had lamp nor strength to light.  The light has become a far destination and to walk to it, he thought, requires some help.  God helps that who are incapable of helping themselves and that is why he was left unattended by Him for a long time.   And when another flower withered on his cheeks a soft hands touched his forehead and wipe away his tears.  He refrained from opening his eyes and the urge to pull that hand closer and burry his head in her bosom raised high in his heart.  He thought the day has come, light has come, Sun has raised and darkness was swept away.  He pulled her hands to make her closer and open his eyes…

It was still dark.  No sign of light.  Sun has not shown up yet.  The expedition has not reached an oasis.  She has not come yet… Not yet…  

He again closed his eyes and a flower withered on the cotton.