Saturday, March 28, 2015


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The acoustic of aroma of her femininity was too loud, thus making me a man of capable of not hearing.  Some dogmas of life acted as hearing aid but the shadow of light – my eyes – demolished those lines of belief.  Her countenance flourished in the day light to make my eye lids act against the gravity.  I learnt that the aroma could conduct electricity when a high voltage current of emotion ran through my spine stopping all the neural veins to pass the senses to the brain.  Her enigmatic body made my mind stroll in the pitch dark forest in a full moon day, eyes grabbed everything but with trepidation.  I prayed her to walk away to keep my decorum in place but my hormones played a tough game against me to keep my mouth shut.  The shiver spread all over my body suppressing the activities of my brain to transport me to a world of trance.
Every time I commute to that fantasy world I pull myself back to my own place.  But, every time I pull myself back she pulls me from the others side.  She pulls me hard holding my sight as a rope.  She takes my shivering hands and places one on her cheeks that which feel like the feathers of the pigeon.  She finds the other hand waiting for her hands.  She takes the other too and places it on her hip.  The virtual softness chills down my blood, pumps my bosom high and my heart turns to be a hammer to hit the rib cage to break it and come out to see her.  So strong was the fragrance of her feminine nature, so strong to heat up the life long hidden desire, so strong to crack the vessel of opposite gender.

Desire is like water in a container with lid.  It is capable to blow off the lid when it is heated to the boiling point.  Her fragrance started heating my desire, my long hidden desire that I poured in my heart container.  Now I am afraid that it is going to blow of the lid of my heart and pour out my desire.  She didn't seem to be shaken or sullen with the touch of my hands but moved like a stream of water that fills the duns with pleasure. Deep inside her eyes I saw my desire, the reflection of my longing, destruction of my chastity.  Where is her feelings and her desires? She hides in her smile! I neared her without urgency though I know the virtual world of trance could suffer a tremor anytime and could break into pieces.  I neared her lips; I felt her warm breathe over my lips, her eyes still looking deep inside my eyes without any fear.  She moved my hands to her neck from her cheeks, my finger slid like a feet placed in frozen lake and my desire like an avalanche.  I slightly increased my grip of my hand she closed her eyes and lifted her chins for me to kiss.  I moved my hands over her hip she neared me a little to make me feel her bosom.  A high voltage shock spread all over my body, the surrounding was lit with a powerful beam of light blocking everything from eyes.  Just the emotion and her softness was all I could see and feel.  She moved her hands to the back of my head and tightened her embrace.  She melted me like an ice cube in the hot sun.   I was torn in her clutch; my heart beat reached a speed that of its max and stopped.  I closed my eyes to take all of her inside.  She entered in, my nerves busted, brain dead, blood frozen, my desire blew the lid off, my vessel cracked when I was sailing in the mid sea.  I was lost.  There was no question, no answer, no me, no she, no love, no god, no desire, no life.  Every thing was just and still – the enlightenment.  Then the tremor struck the trance world to smash it to pieces and pieces.   I opened my eyes.  There is no me, no she, no trance. Every thing vanished in time.