Tuesday, July 30, 2013


  A musical anklet continued talking in a rhythm disturbing my sleep,  I procrastinated it for a long time vacillating to hear it but could not keep it prolonged thus it waked me up from my deep sleep and put me in a sleepy state of trance.  Acoustic of the anklet in the rhythm of heart kept sounding not very fast also slowed its pace not.  It is an unusual place which I seen not once in my dream or the somewhere I visited.  It was not an open space nor a close cabinet but a place where nightingales sang along with the anklet and fireflies lit the room with its luminescent light.  The air looked as if the Mother Nature itself has camouflaged herself in a small room for us.
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Everything looked magnificent except my heart and its beats.  The acoustics surround soothed my throbbing mildly but it has given not heal to a great extent.  It all seemed to be happening in a fantasy world but I learnt it is not.  She sat next to me with slight sadness in her eyes and anger in her countenance.  The beat of the anklet continued that which reminds me the day I met her.  She turned to look at my worry bound face but without giving any sign of console she turned to look straight.  She knows everything I do though she kept avoiding me to near her, though she kept me away from listening to her voice, though she kept me away from all the happenings around her, I know, she kept a eye on all that I did.  She believed me that I would go not in a different direction that of hers, divulging from the path of divine love to abyss.  And now she learnt she could not tame me to seed the saplings of relation that is suppose to last long for till I die my last death.

Leaning over my shoulder she held my hand and clenched my fingers with hers.  I was entangled in her palms and shivering to smell the fragrance of beauty that she pours on my shoulder.  The clench spoke hundreds of words in the language of silence.  I could not explain my position for I misunderstood her and took a different direction.  I heeded not to my inner voice thus loosing the peace embedded in my soul.  I listened not to my instinct so lost myself in the garden of thrones and bushes.  I could not explain her for she believed me that I wont take another road that is not of where her commutation continued.

She didn't cry nor didn't I shed any tear.  She held me close to suffice my purpose of being around in this planet for the last time.  I closed my eyes leaned over her head and she on my shoulder.  I lost my fear, I lost my agonies, and I forgave myself but asked her forgiveness with a kiss on her forehead.  She nodded in acceptance of my apology and blessed me with a kiss.  We knew never again we will meet each other not even once more in this mortal world but the moment we were together is just enough for centuries together.  Number of years matters not in love but the amount of love we show each other.  Love makes us immortal and ubiquitous, and surveil over our beloved though we are not physically present.

It pained at the same time it was euphoric.  We spoke not a word but exchanged what we want to voice.  She stood and walked, I felt the pang of separation but I do deserve not to stop her for her destination is different.  She walked managing to turn not to me.  The anklet continued to sing, the fireflies continued to emit light, I continued to watch her, she continued to walk.  We continued to love.