Saturday, April 27, 2013

Towards the light

…towards the light, I hear a call asking me to commute towards the fathomless spirituality.  It is the light that holds everything and anything exist in this universe and the light which is the universe by itself.

There persist a light in the fire that burns the corpse and the same that burns in the heart and glows in the eyes.  It is the same light that shines in the masterful Sun which can lighten up the earth from the morning to evening and when the earth is against the nature of universe it could pull it towards it and burn it in to ashes to spread it across the universe, marking the mistake. 

It is the light that raised a question in my heart on not of where is God, I knew the presence of God, but why is God.

It’s the light that burns intensely which melts my veins that commutes blood to my brain before it’s pumped from my heart.  It is something which pulls me towards the emptiness where nothing exists but the sprite of light, the Godly power.  Light – the inception point of everything that is created in this world and the world too.  It is the light that terminates everything that needs to be destroyed in exasperation.

It is the sprite– the light - that is understood not to it’s full. It’s beyond the religion because the power of the light in every religion in a form or the other.  It is beyond any caste or creed because it’s – light – the caste which the soul of universe that created us belongs to.  It is beyond any race or color because there is no vision to the eyes to see any color without light also it is the one that which holds all the colors.

The light is where, the doubtless sprite, the soul of the universe, the power that rules the humanity, the language of unconditional love, faith which is beyond any dogma, the God, lives.

It is the light which keeps humanity alive, the fire that burns in the soul to go for a search of something that keeps us alive, the warmth of unbeatable light which engrosses the hearts to love, to spread the Godliness in this earth.  It is the supermental power that which when brought into this earth, though it exist here, make life beautiful and earth a good place for humanity to live.

I now walk towards the light praying to burn me without even leaving the ashes in the air and burn me to escape the death, feel the heat of love, the soothing warmth of God and become just not the part of this universe but the universe itself.