Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Hidden Light

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This is for, of  a girl I saw in an orphanage; Bethel Home for Girl Children, Chennai

Thursday, October 25, 2012


My Take; Word-O-Logy !

Tanya's word-o-logy is a fun idea to play along....This is a game to associate words with set themes... 

Pic Ctsy :  Tanya    :p
Rain -Elixir
Friendship - Soul-mate 

Life - Gift
Love - Sugar

Maths - Nightmare
Angel - Mother

Black - Racism
Women - Earth

Dreams - Longings
Philosophy – bull-shit

This page has been submitted as a part of  Word-O-Logy Wednesday at "Coveted Dreams"
Take part & Have Fun !!

- Luv 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It pains in love

An evening, a melancholic breeze embraced me, kissed my cheeks and crawled on my lashes and lips as and when I walked on the streets.  On the way there stood a big shopping mall, old but tidy, calling the night to hug but the lights glittered from inside and outside made a split.  Slowly I walked inside, charming girls and boys, beautiful ladies and men, lovely grannies and grandpas were busy shopping.  In the middle of the mall, there exist a place to sit on the floor and I saw him sitting heads down in silent.  I learnt none of the sound of the many that surround touched his ears.  He looked to be tired and torn.  Hey I know him, very well.

Taking my eyes from all that delighted moved my foot to near him, sat next to him.  Without looking at his face I asked him ‘how are you?’ in reflection, identifying me quicker than me he said ‘doing not so good, by the way it’s long time we met, are you alright?’ he said.  ‘I guess I am doing ok’ I replied.  Few a minutes passed in silent.  He didn’t looked at me, neither I looked at his eyes I know it is not dry but wet with the remainders of the mind.

‘So’, I started the conversation.  He didn't reply.  ‘Try leaving me alone’ he said.  ‘You know I cannot’ I replied.  ‘Yes but….’ His words stuck and stumbled.  ‘You cannot talk to anyone, now tell me what is running in your mind even I am not doing so really well as I am hurt with failures and laughter’ I said.

            ‘The place where you sit is where she used to sit with me, like a child with charming smile and love.  Not a day passed away without seeing her in smile and this place always reminds me the hours she waited for me, mornings and evenings we spent hand in hand, the chillness of her fingers, the light in her eyes, her soft skin’, he said as few drops of tears rolled down and sufficed the floor.

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            He continued, ‘My first happiness that almighty gave me, a colorful butterfly that flew and stopped on my fingers hesitated to fly away in whatever the situation was.  But I lost her, I burnt her wings to make her fly away, took revenge on the almighty hands that gave her to me without knowing me.’

            ‘The day I proposed, we walked a long distance and when we reached the destination she said ‘no’.  I played all tricks, did all occult magic and a day came I was far away from her, traveling, she asked me if I will take her away even if this world is against us.  I hesitated not a second to say yes.  Fool! She believed.  When I was back from the trip she suffered many evenings to get away from me to home.  We spoke all naughty and sweetest things all over the night in phone.  We lived intensely naturally, physically and in nights; virtually.  We even spoke about the children that were not born; we named them, decided on the number too.’

            ‘And that day came I asked her a kiss, she said yes.  We both felt the love with the lips, embraced like river and the stone.  Her smell haven’t left my nostrils yet, her softness still sleeps on my skin and her touch kills me as if there is, in heart, a cut.  She slept on my shoulders when she is tired, also when the train or the bus lulled her to sleep; my shoulders still pains like hell.’
            ‘A day came; she cried and cried. I left her for my work.  Then every problems sleeping woke up with the trickle of her tears.  Days didn’t allow her to stop crying.  And from my side I hurt her with my silence and cowardice.  I stopped her to come to me every time she felt like vanishing.  She had become a torn piece of life, a burnt heart, a hurt butterfly.  I killed all her innocence, her smile, her sweetness in the name of love. I killed her bit by bit.  Fool! She didn’t leave me.’
            ‘When I said come, she didn’t come as there were some good signs life has shown us.  But as they days passed life became tough and everything turned red.’
            ‘One fine day, after all our struggles failed, for the sake of people who brought me into earth and bought up, I said her to stay away from my life.  She cried, still she believed me, but she cried.  Unable to bear my hesitations, carrying all memories in her sweet heart my sweet heart left me.  After years I spoke to her today but could not do anything with myself and here I sit crying in her memories, with my love’, He said and stopped.

I could not stop myself from tears but then I tried to stop it before it escapes my lashes and was successful. When I opened my eyes I found him disappeared.
I am a fool.

Words or Deeds, what teaches?

Monday, October 15, 2012

55 - Fangs

My another blog where I write for a cause; for a small group of Coalesced feathers of helping hearts; Siragugal