Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Insane Me!

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When there are thousand things to do, I chose to write and
When there are thousand things to deal with I deal with my pen.

In the race of impressing others,
I impress on my notebook.

In the world of sugar-coated poison,
I show is scorched love.

Though I know I could shatter this world into bits and pieces,
I pray for gits and peace!

In the world full of scorns and hurts,
I eschew blades and guns.

When many here are searching for plots to buy,
I am here sitting and searching for plots to write.

When everybody raises their voice in anger,
I go silent when I lose my patience.

When everybody thinks they have discovered this world,
I wonder where it was before they discover!

While many around thinks everybody around were fools and nomads,
Here I am baffled why I am so dumb and stupid!

God save you all!!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Not for Mortals

Image courtesy: thegraphicsfairy.com

It’s just that first word takes time and rest of it were tied to the one another; flows like the rain from the cloud burst. Are there many more like me, insane and stupid to think the world we see is just the shadow and the real world is filled with fairies and angels? The utopia is the real world where people don't care about Gods and Goddesses but godliness.  In the place where people sell their flesh and eat others flesh for money, am I the only one see this as a mirage of hell which will soon disappear?

I heard people say that there is a life after death.  Am I the only one who realized there is no death for life, only when death knocks the real doors of life opens? In colors of lights and we were blinded to see the colors of rainbow. Oh no wait, it hurts to talk too much about the truth of this life.  To think about the right words and rethink about the grammar of writing the heart out actually brings head ache; that is why it is all about giving once self to the writing and allow the words to come and vent through the fingers.

It is fascinating to write about the guardian angels that fly over our shoulders and whisper secrets or what we call intuition.  It is sad that we thinking it as fantasy and still those fairies fly over our shoulders and protecting us. I heard many times those fairies say not to trust, not to be silent, not to waste energy. I have heeded not until those guardian angels lost patience to camouflage themselves as human and shout at my ears with a slap on my cheeks to wake up from the spell of the monsters.  I know not every time they do it but sometimes they pity us too much.  There are some that we hire from our mothers that pampers us like a just born and sad that we don't listen to them like a stillborn.