Sunday, June 19, 2011

Funny World!

Few day-to-day incidents which get stuck in our hippocampus really make us laugh when we retrieve.  Here are few of, from my hippocampus.
It was an usual off-time for train towards Chennai Central suburban station, two stations before suburban terminal train stopped for a long time, generally it use to because of the traffic created by the container lorries in the railway gate. Very close to the railway gate there is a mobile service shop. A stranger entered the shop and gave his mobile for service. The shop keeper asked him whether he need to get the train which is in station waiting for the gate to be closed, the stranger replied yes.
“O! Then go fast I might take 5 to 10 min to repair this” said the shop keeper.
“No problem” replied the stranger.
“No man, you have to go, any time gate might get closed and train will go”
“Please don’t worry, I can manage. Make it fast”
“If you are ready to catch the next train, I will make this ready for you”
“No no. You do it fast”
“Hey, train will start once this traffic is cleared”
“Come on! I can start the train only after traffic is cleared” Said the Stranger.
OMG! My bulb took few seconds to glow to identify the stranger and can’t stop laughing listening to this incident from my fellow passenger. This is how our railways make comedy with us in our route.

Recently I hired an auto to Chennai Central station from my office. Auto stopped in a nearby petrol bunk which took 15 min of time to fill petrol since it was a day immediately after Indian oil industries got their appraisals. We both started talking about IPL matches and became close.  After 15 min we started and continued our discussion on Indian economy he doesn’t even know what it is; alike me. He narrated me an incident which he met with. 
Once my Auto-driver friend was asked by a north Indian passenger to get him dropped in Ramachandra Hospital from Chennai Central station, for which he told him it’s around 30-32kms so it will cost Rs. 600.
“Even the call taxis’ fare the same, what difference it makes!” said the passenger from North India.
“Ok! I offer you 30 min of free waiting time, which call taxi will not do” my auto driver friend said.
The passenger was not convinced, he moved out of the auto a few inches off and suddenly
“Hey! You cheat” screamed the passenger
“What” my friend replied surprised.
“it’s just 16kms from here, look at this” shouted the passenger showing his mobile phone in which he browsed in Google map to find the distance from Chennai central to Ramachandra hospital.
No words to reply for my friend.  “I No Read” replied my friend to the passenger and left that place.
Meanwhile we reached my destination. I gave him the charge and a pat-on-back to say bye-bye.
World around us is so funny and humorous but we don’t laugh that’s the funny thing. 
I do visit a temple every Saturday which makes me feel better and I have a mindset that 10-15 min of prayer recharges me for the next one-week of my life; ok, that’s a different story.  It was one another Saturday after my prayer I went around to collect kumkhum placed in a vessel which looks like a tiny suite case with small spherical holes.  I saw an elderly mother and her daughter trying to take kumkhum out of the case for very long time.  I went near to them collected mine and thought of moving from them without disturbing their hard trials. I found they were trying very hard to take it out since we consider kumkhum as very auspicious chemical.  Since I do it every Saturday I know the  technique to take it out easily so I told them that I will help, I took few quantity from the case, elderly mother said “can you take some more, my daughter stays very long from Chennai”. “Ok“, I replied and took a some more and offered her, she called her daughter
“Get it from this guys hands, you should not refuse kumkhum if somebody offers you and pray for you husbands good health”, said that elderly mother. I gave them a smile to move from there.
Guess what would be my next action; I closed my eyes for a very sincere prayer “OMG, please give her husband a good health, at least till she gets kumkhum from somebody’s hands”. Then I decided, I would better teach how to take the kumkhum out of that case anyone who tries to do so then offering from my hand. For the first time I thought “auspicious things are ridiculous”.
This is something I read from a book “Know Can Do”.  It was a reception of service center wherein calls differ in flavor from very good customers to very worst customers and also in their words.  Once phone rang and receptionist answered “Hello” after third ring.  Voice from the other side sounded worst, he was an angry customer screamed “What the hell company and what the yuck service you offer”
“James! Is that’s you?” replied the receptionist
“James! Is that’s you?” replied the receptionist again
“What? I am not James.  Why do ask?” replied the angry customer now in bit lower voice
“O! I am sorry you scream like my ex-husband James” receptionist said.
“Hmm. I am sorry buddy I have a problem, can you solve it for me” said the angry customer, now in a soothing voice. 
This was an example given to customer handling.  The book is all about management and how to win by doing what we know.

I have one more from a book by a spiritual guru. 
A man got up from his a week long coma, found his wife crying next to him and praying for his good health. He called his wife,
“You were with me when I lost millions in my business,
You were with me when with me with I fell sick and was hospitalized for a month long,
You were with me felled down and broke my legs”
“That’s Ok” said his wife holding his hands tight
“You were with me this time when I met with an accident and I went to a week long coma”, he continued.
“I am your” his wife said.
“I feel I am in trouble all the time because you're with me” replied the man who woke up from coma.
I could not stop laughing when I was reading this in train. This is how now negative filtering works.  We always search somebody to blame on all our troubles.  World is so small, we are yet another virus sent to this world. Enjoy the happiness around us and happiness with all around us. After all we are goanna stay 50-60 hard years here and let not screw it. I am not philosophical or I am not here to advise, it’s just what I feel and started believing after my 23. Yes I am just 23+ ;) believe this too.