Sunday, November 25, 2012

Girl who counts the Stars...

Though you be among hundreds or thousands, let there be few hundreds who were lovely and charming and one elegant girl will sweep you off your feet and make you look for her and wait; fall in love with her. She might take few days or weeks to realize that you are looking at her, she would pretend that she took days and weeks though she took only hours, believe that she took long time to grasp your glimpse. When you search for her she might not turn up, sometimes delays intentionally, plays hide and seek, but just a second before you lose hope she will be before your eye sight though will not allow you to talk or seek a word; believe in love, she is your angel sent from up above.

One fine day you might get a seat next to her, she will act not to listen to you or look at you with her earphone and mobile phone, your heart beats will jump like a jelly knowing not either to go up or down, or left or right. When you collect all the courage that lord has given you and recollect all the words you prepared she will look direct into your eyes and say “hi” you may reply but you would have forgotten all those prose and poetry you have plagiarized,  mesmerized with her first ever word; don't lose hope you still have time to cope.

When days passes on this way one fine day she might walk to a distance, but up to which you can see, turn back at you and smile to commute you in sky for hundred miles; understand she love you too.

She might expect you to say those lovely three words but now its time for you to play. Do not fall in her eyes for quite sometime, may be for days and one fine day sit with another beautiful girl and don't look at her for a while because girls are intelligent she might find you just with a smile. Few moments later look at her, by the time she would have become a burning furnace. Now go near her, she might slap you little bit hard; don't worry that's a stamp to make all sure that you are born for her. Before she brakes into tears say “Baby, I am all yours”. Aha, now in your eyes you will find tears before she cries. Do not bother about the surrounding the world is all yours, embrace her with all the love you have suspending your fears.

She is the girl who counts the stars and will tell you “these many are my dreams and I am gonna give up and become a dwarf in your lap. Will you take care of me?” now say “Oh girl, love you my darling angel”

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dear Christ...

For the lord, my God I offer a song
Close your eyes he will appear and be with you along
For the one who slept in cross for the sins of world,
here I lull him to sleep in the hearts that where about to fall

Proof that God exist you came to us oh lovely Christ,
we are mortal humans missed to keep the trust
Forgive us for all the sins including your Crucifixion
come back to us one more time not to die but for us to survive

Hail Mary conceived without sin, bring back your son
world is becoming polluted with atrocities of human
We learnt, he 's the love that consumes, beyond any conditions
he is the synonym of love in spiritual tradition

Dear Christ , on the day we assume as your birth – though
we know you are beyond that and even death
we wash your feet with tears that floods – because
you presence in heart makes us divine in blood

Dear savior of trodden souls, many are left untouched
considered to be origin of sinful souls, we know
before your eyes everything under the sun in divinely touched - and
humans are made resembling You that You wanna show

Come to us dear Christ, live with us in all our joys
make us better than the best and eliminate all our cloys
All that beats in the planet make them your sacred heart
O! dear  Christ, enough that we - human - fought, make us love a lot.

ps: Christ or Krish God is God for me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Come to me...

Late in the night, I woke up when a I felt suffocated with memories and their by I left my body sat next to me in my astral plane dictated myself to write that comes to my mind….

I really cannot keep you out of my mind when you walk in my memory ravine; waiting for the days to change, clouds to pass, sun to shine, you to turn love to bloom or at least my days to end. Human go against nature, spoiling the future against the protocols of God and the calls of Goddess nature, there He invented a tool to betray; Love the tool that makes all sane a fool.

Everything that exist, somehow or the other is made out of love and it’s the force that keeps everything to persist. Life stuck between birth and the death, it starts between love and the soul and ends when you realize the reason for what you are born.
Stolen from Google images

We name it Love though we know it’s a music played by hormones along with the rule of the attraction but what is it called when blood is no red.

Between the lust and the crush grows hormone, peace and a feel that makes all of us go around, in the hands of one another.  I am not supposed to write anything about love until her image flashed before I closed my eyes to see the internal ‘I’, oh it is a lie.

Come upon to me, drag me near to you kiss me hard, kill me with your eyes, pierce me with your nose, make me numb with your voice, clutch me in your arms, hang on to my shoulder, give me pain, rest in my chest,   live in my heart allow me to die in your bosom.

Talk to me with my lips, grab me in my hips, let me take you in my arms, hug you hours long, do not move away for years, with mild breeze of your breathe tighten you arms and whisper “I am all yours” in my ears.

Monday, November 12, 2012

I am singing a hymn

crtsy : goddess google
I am singing a Hymn; to everything that exists, everybody who persists, every love that perishes.  To the hearts that beats consuming the blood from the chords where it hangs and an invisible sting of invincible hands which pulls in and out to make it to beat to make it a magic called life; to that beats, to that chords, to that hands and to that magic I am singing a hymn.

To every kiss, for divine lust, to the love an occult mist, to that ounce of oneness that we call romance for wellness, to every tight hug, to every glimpse which act as shrug; I am singing a hymn.

To every word that flow from up above, to all vital beings that fly over and above, to every meaning that goes over my head, to every awesome lines which make me stuck, to all my reads, to all the wisdom I need, to all the sign I heed, to my Mother who feed, in the form of lullaby; I am singing a hymn.

The reminder that kills, the remaining that chills, to the shoulder I wait, to the moments I weep, to the song that sweep, my memory that fades, my eyes that likes shades, to the colors in the pictures, to pictures in the colors, to the love their exist between the present and the past; I dedicate it, the hymn that I sing.

To the course of life that changes, to the changes that has courses for life, the lesson I learnt, to the time I burnt, to the sins I committed, for all the guilt I felt, for all the gift of God I received, to all the Gods I believed, to my tears, to my fears, to all who gave me cheers here I go; I am singing a hymn

To the women I loved, the women I kissed, the women I missed, to the women I dream, for the pain that she gave me in silence for me to scream, to the longings I hold, to the long days I sold for the cost of belief, to the least relief, holy love listen; I am singing a hymn

To all the sarcasm, sacrifice, insanity, irresistibility, for all my irresponsibility, trials that ended up in errors and to the errors that begets yet another trial, to all that we do to our life and to what I did to myself with knife, to my smiles, to my anguish, to be foolish, to all the questions I have; I am singing a hymn

To every orphan in this planet and to the family of my planet, to every child left in the road, to every hand who took the situation in hold, to all the saviors, for all their behaviors, to the every soul crushed in these metallic chaos, to every child suffered behavioral ailment of their guardians, to all the guardian angels who know what is the treatments, from my heart, I skip a beat, in a rhythmic plot; I am singing a hymn… I am singing a hymn… I am singing a hymn...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sleep on my lap...

…it should be 11.45 pm to 12.00 am mid-night; I walked slowly in the dark and entered her room to see her sleeping.  Without disturbing the night and half mid night light of the lamp I walked to her bed and I found her hand holding the bed-spread, hairs spread all around her pillow.  I stopped my breath for few seconds and bent down to her ear and said "darling, I feel jealous of that pillow in white. Why did you choose that life less when I have my hand for you to hold and lap for you to sleep?"  In half sleep she smiled with opening not her eyes.  I took her head in my palm and threw the pillow to her next, sat on the bed and made her rest in my lap.  She moved up and down like a wave about to rest and sufficed my lap like the water sufficing the shore.  Slowly I inserted my finger in her hand grabbing the bed-spread and she plugged her fingers in mine as if waiting for.  Her long hair flowed down from my lap.  I caressed her forehead, and moved the hair that was covering her ears and combed with my fingers, another wave swept the bed and hit the shore. 

Why did you come now” she asked.  

To kiss you” I said

She smiled and clutched my hand tight.  Few more seconds in silence, she kissed my lap and broke the silence. 

I said I want to” I said

Hmmmm” she moaned and moved the hairs on her cheeks.

I bent to her ears and whispered “are you sure?

Without answering she grabbed my neck down with her hands, still closing her eyes.  I kissed her eye lash.  She tried to open her eyes I said “No” and she did so.

You glow like a diamond eating the light in this dark night lamp” I said caressing her forehead

Are you bluffing or blogging in mid night” she giggled

No, I am living” I replied.

She opened her eyes grabbed my neck down and stopped the flow of words from my lips to make me awe stuck and she got up, sat and leaned on my shoulders.  I pulled her tight to me and said “Love you” without any reply she slept, head on my one shoulder and her hand on other.  I held her close like a shell covering a Pearl.  I closed my eyes on her hair.

A sudden shock I felt in my legs that spread all over my body and I opened my eyes to see me in my bed in my room.  And it is said, that that’s how astral travel ends.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Unclaimed Kaleidoscope...

Hope you could feel why I say "Unclaimed Kaleidoscope...". This is just to commemorate our visit to Bethel home for girl children