Saturday, July 30, 2011

Letter to an Angel

Age; when my saccades took wing like buffer fly and I felt like flying in the sky, my angel! you grabbed my hand, took me high to show the virtual me.
When I was deep in my dreamland we flew down to earth, dived in to the sea. You showed me colors of the fish on our way and colorful fishes by the way.  Few big fishes which looked dangerous, appeared ridiculous, but couldn’t with stand before your wand and the strength in me given by your holding hand.  Felt life is joy, angel my angel only I enjoy.
Angel, what have you don’t to me!
 Deeper and deeper into the sea, view which no one could see. I forgot who I am and why I I’m. It was too chill in water, angel with me, so it doesn’t matter.
Enough in word gym, I really forgot that I don’t know to swim. Deep inside the sea pressure rose, deeper! it’s worse.
I shouted in dark deep sea that I couldn’t handle this much pressure built from all direction I know and directions which I don’t even wanted to be known, but angel, you could not hear as only angels could speak in ocean.  Now it was like being in hell, still angel, you looked Angel’. 
Before I exhaust you felt I lost all my energy for living.  You had thrown me from deep sea to hot shore, made me sulk “life is no more”.
You know after which it’s others chance to hold my hand now.  
Life rotten me in hot sun, dropped me in oil boiling and made me swim.  Everything were in mess, screwed all my happiness. Going got tough and tough got going.  I have nothing left to spare in life, except life.  Lost all my hope cannot even imagine to cope. 
Angel, what have you done to me?
Days were under pressure, pressure and pressure.  
Know what? Now I learnt how to swim, how to handle pressure, how to earn treasure.  Coped back, stepped into a new life after learning what I had was just a part and not entire life.
I know everything is just a matter of memories and living cells which hold all the traumas.  If I lose all those there is nothing called sorrows.  But who is willing to lose all the memories, at least never I.   Angel, everybody should have seen you in life few manage to manage you, many manage to live with you and few like me get sucked.
Oh! Angel, you left all the memories wet in my eyes, you’re still an angel.  I owe, please don’t dare to come before me in rest of my life, though my human pals named you “Love”.