Saturday, January 26, 2013

Twinkling Stars

…for the first time when she walked by my side, a bunch of beauty in black from her untangled hair caressed my cheek which drove me to the third dimension of the world, a sharp sting of hormone pierced every part of my physic and the god hormone, love, pierced my psychic body.  I stood stunned.

Walking few a steps ahead, she arrowed her saccades on me; I escaped.  She took a bunch of her untangled hair, shrunk her eye lashes to aim at me and threw her hair towards me.  I neither moved nor reacted.  I stood still, stunned.

With her power of beauty, tied me up, pulled me towards her and suddenly she threw me in air.  Blunt were my power in air.  I swirled, fled like a leaf in storm with aim to land no where, in the bright blue sky where I fly turned dark as if I am going to die.  Fast as possible I was dropped down from the sky to hit the ground and break my bone. 

She saw me falling down and spread her piece of wardrobe to catch me before I die.  Smoothly I landed on the ground with spinning heads, blurred vision, and giddiness. She stood looking at me, when I got clarity in my sight, staring at the game she played.

Could not withstand the giddiness and her beauty I knelt down before her with complete surrender but looking at her light emitting florescent eyes.  Alike petals move apart from one another when rose blooms, she took step after step and reached me slowly. 

Bending down towards me, she looked me eye to eye, scent of beauty spread all over my body.  She brought her finger close to my cheeks, without touching; she moved it to my lips.  I closed my eyes to enjoy the touch but for a long time nothing sufficed me and when I opened my eye she placed her foot on my bare warm chest.  That was a sudden shock which wide opened my eyes and made me look at the blue sheath above. 

My warmth subsided; a painful chillness started spreading across my nervous slowly through out my body and suddenly it spread across rapidly freezing parts of my mortal body one after the other I went blind, deaf, and dumb.  When it reached my brain I became insane.  Without any problem in travel through my vein it froze my heart. 

Two full beats followed by a single complete beat, then another beat which could not be completed and another which could not even start.  I went mute. Totally frozen from my head to toe, kneeling before her like defeated foe.  She smiled at the ice statue of the one who admired her, taking her leg away from my chest.

Looking at the sky she made some gestures then clouds gathered together and withered.  Sharpest of sharp thunder, emerged from the coalesced clouds, hit my statue with all the power it has got.  I shattered in to hundreds of pieces and thrown away into air.  Looking at which she blew her breathe towards the flying shattered piece in sky, I flew high and high.  When pressure increased in atmosphere I scattered into thousands and again into millions of pieces all over this universe.  She blew a kiss into the air and when smiled her eyes flattering and shining, directed the lights from her eyes to the flying scattered pieces, I started to glow reflecting her eyes.  She looked at me shining and called all the pieces as twinkling stars.

Crazy me.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweet feel called love

Sweet feel called love,
When two people agrees lust is lovable
No difference of opinion
Crush is the inception, it’s amiable

Needle of the clock kills
When we wait for someone special
Heart smashes all our cloys - and
Longing, when we see our beloved, makes us emotional

It’s when lips speaks to lips
Aroma of romance spreads in breathe
In love, to get part is a sin, to respire
The usual air you grow a fin, believe it is a truth

You smile when you are alone and
You will be alone among hundreds and thousands
Acoustic of her voice you will heed
Though numerous mortals acts as burdens

Kiss slowly, passionately
Let your lips decide the time to part least a string 
Love intensely, heartily  
Let God decide when to bring your off-spring

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Magical Stroll...

Surfing deep inside myself I lied with eyes closed.  Something fluttered on my eye lash as if a butterfly resting on my eyes.  When I opened, I saw, it was a pair of petals of an enchanting flower - which grasps all the light - painted with blue of the sky and the black of the night. The one which fluttered over my eye lashes were the shield of her eyes, scabbard of her beauty, and gateway of my love.
And when I opened my eyes I saw a lyre with just two stings in red, I may be wrong, or I think it is a piano with only two keys that sounds symphony and mesmerizes the one who heed, and to all my insanity it feeds.
Robbed from
‘Get up’ is that all she said.  Spell bound I stood following the symphony she sung and walked behind her like a lamb which doesn't understand why it obey his shepherd but does walks forward with an unknown fidelity.
I thought it is going to be a road where I am gonna walk – behind her – but it was a steep peak with stones which could hurt the palms of my legs and rocks that might roll over and smash me in a second.  I feared of being hurt and killed but still it was my angel who wants me to tread over all that I feared. 

It’s to show not your fear; the dogma of love and its heirs.

She walked on the rocks and obstacles as if she is walking on the bed of roses and other flowers.  And for me, for quite sometime, it looked the same way.  Not the sharpest of the sharp stone poked and pained me because I was behind my enchantress. 
She walked elegantly before me, sometimes she stopped and waved her hands to signal me to come by but before I moved close to her she continued to tread along the pathless peak, towards upwards.  Angelically she ferried her legs one after the other stepping and strolling.   My wish was to walk with her along, hand-in-hand, with fingers tangled, for long but she move ahead when I was contemplating her walk.
Neither I thought where this commutation leads, nor why I was behind her but she dragged me with her virtual hands and enchanting beauty to where she goes.  Quite a distance was full of dreams to join hand with her, tangle my finger with her fingers. She turned for a while and rattled a gigantic rock with her one finger.  Like a pup the rock rolled and rolled aiming to smash me to earth and some magical moments which blacked my eyes for a while and turned the lights on; the rock rolled away leaving little pangs and wounds one me.  She smiled, the wounds became scars but pain sustained.  

To live is prepared to die.

We almost reached the top she stopped for my surprise and I went near by and looked at her stammering eyes, her ravishing face, glittering lips which she dipped it in nectar whence she caressed it with her rosy tongue.  I am not in trance.  But it was a kind of hypnotism, an occult magic whereby she slowly disappeared in the sky leaving her image in my mind to conjure. I closed my eyes once and opened it to see the abyss below my feet.  What is left!  I succumbed to the holy abyss.