Sunday, February 24, 2013

With you...

…will lift you in my arms, walk long, with your eyes on me all along, in a place were no mortals exist but trees feathers its soft offspring’s over us as if to bless, you will sit in my lap and my palms over you hip.  You will close your eyes in shy rest your head on my shoulder and make me fly. 

When I play the lyre with-no-string with my finger over your hip you will sing for it in my ears and move your body like petal blooming out from its node.  And when I suffice my lips on your cheek the thousandth time you, in my ear, will whisper one more time.

When we are closer like the sea and the blue, you will shrug love with a hug closer than the god and an atheist.  ‘I feel a great distance’ when I say you will clutch your arms over my neck to pierce my chest.

They sky will shower its shadow over us when I am deep in your clutch and you in my arms; we will neither sleep nor stay awake.  O! Who could understand the state of trance that exist between the lust and crush like a thin twine stronger then iron.  When I breathe in your hug and you breathe in my neck; we will allow no air between us neither the light of crescent moon.

It is not embrace nor caress but the language of love only we could heed to live the life of two in one.  It is not the water caressing the fire to put it out but the river flowing in to the sea to convert itself to cloud in the sky to get together.  I will see you with closed eyes and you will listen to my words with closed lips. 

When to get apart, who has to decide!  It’s not you or me but our soul which has commuted into a different body in a confusion who is me and who is you.  We will neither sleep not move a bit until the sun warms our soul to clear its perplexity to find who is who and get back to its original body.  Though it’s a sin to get apart but it has to be committed for the mortal beings will pull their eyes out of the head and throw it like a stone to hurt us…  love is written in the language of nature you can heed but understand not.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Leave me alone...

…it's just that word which stuck in my throat stops the other words to get out and it’s when something stuck in throat it tears down the eye lashes and brings down the lyrics of love in its colorless ink.  Won’t I get a day to say what I wish for her to heed?  If it is my silence is to be blamed it is not me who created it, it’s the God and a deity.

I wish I get a day alone, alone with my torments along the side of a river under a tree in a shining full moon night, light sadly little bright.  Leave me alone for I wish I should cry all night till the sun shines and wash my eyes in the moving water of the river.  Leave me alone but with a little ink and some papers for it has accompanied me when everything left me alone, and it is something which I understood and when I cried it cried and made itself wet with my drops of tears.

I sing to the music of the space, the universe and write for God to read and change something which he could do that he wrote in my account.  If I am to be blamed for my mourning silence then let me live my life all alone with me and my silence that the divine soul as decided for me to do.  I still search, foolishly, medicine for the scars as if it is new wounds but not my mistake, scars pains too.  It’s not when you touch, the place that bleeds, it pains but when you take your hands out. 

Tears are not just liquid to touch and test its viscosity, it’s the mixture of days you missed to live, words you wanted to speak, something you are holding on to say, residue of heart, sweat of brain and cleanser of eyes for us to watch the lights. 

I don’t know what exactly, something that hooks up a chord of my heart, stings the vain and stops the blood that carries life cells to brain and makes me think with the beating heart.  And when brain wakes up it teaches that hearts are not capable to think and brain is no capable to love.
Not just one time but hundred times in a split second I thought to spell my heart with my vocal cord but what stops me from doing so, I don’t know.  I never prayed for somebody to heed my silence and listen to my eyes but to leave me alone in my abyss in ink dark night so that nobody watches me cry.  I stay in peace, but it torments me as if it came after bloody war.  I stay in peace alike the planet which I live and planets like each other in the space given to them to roam in this universe.

Sometimes, even I am in need of a hand to embrace my hair, shake and say ‘I am there’, pull me down to lap and say ‘shed all your worries here’.  When I search for one, I found I am stuck in my past and falling down into ashes like a phoenix when it is greedy for so much of light in the air.   I am greedy for love, burning in the furnace of life with the tormented soul that my almighty gifted me for my birth….

Leave me alone, I understand my silence and my silence me.  
Leave me alone…

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Colorless Love...

She knew my heart, she holds its chord, and she often turns it on and off, restricts herself to come by for her force of gravity is so high and cannot stop myself entering her eye sight and get blown into hundreds and thousands of pieces in air like a meteor traveling into earth’s regime.  It’s a self destructive mechanism I offered myself.
stolen image from google...

I was idle, sitting conjuring something that has passed on.  I felt a strong force of saccade at my right, which quiet often happens never. As if somebody crushing a chord of my heart the beats raised its speed as if wanting to come out to see who it is holding the chords in their eyes.  I turned to my right and in fraction of a second a spear from not so long distance hit my temple.  My memory and all that feel to hesitate anything gonna happen vanished as the spear stuck.  I lost in my thoughts, in her eyes, in her force of attraction.  My instinct said ‘do not believe’ and I did so, I didn't believe my instinct.  Acoustics of my surrounding went mute but the air spoke something in my ears ‘you cannot refrain from the gravity of beauty and love which always go hand-in-hand’.

In my dilemma either to stay stuck to my right or to turn away generated pain in my head.  Brain said ‘left’ heart said ‘right’ my thoughts jumped up and down and came to a conclusion both left and right.  Like an insane toddler I pretended to listen but not listening, looking around the earthly objects but could not recognizes what is what, watched people pass by but didn't see them who. 

When my eyes turned to her my mind turned left to think who is watching me and when my eyes turned to left my mind turned to her to imagine if she is watching me.
If I were just particles of light rays I could have reached her eyes but even there she has a shield to filter me out. 

I reckoned, if just her one peep shoots my beats to the high I could not bear and what if she has to live with me.  May be in a minute I would burst and disappear in the air and – and – I don’t know what I wanted to become.  When she left my sight I strolled a little and thousands colorless miniature flowers from the garden of God showered from up above.  Aha! I thought, if she comes near and says ‘my dear’ I wish I would fly, reach the garden sky, merge with the strolling clouds and pull them over my enchantresses and shower myself and my love drop by drop.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

For You...

…in my emptiness I was surfing a garden, filled with aroma spreading flowers, romance filled roses, bright and white jasmines.  As I strolled few kissed my cheeks few my forehead and roses, my hands.  Tall trees stood away from me in jealous looking at the kisses.  I looked at it with vanity and smiled.  A mild breeze swept the garden all saplings shook their head and trees nodded resembling the disastrous the wind could cause, still, the breeze, the enchanting air is lovable.

In the middle of the garden, all along with the greenery, she was sitting in her green sheath, little frowned and down.  I went near she shrugged and turned her back to me.  I touched her shoulders from back and turned her to me.  She didn't look in to my eyes.  I held her face in my palms and lifted her face to look at my eyes.  Deep in it she has a deep feeling to share but she hid it with all her smile.

Her eyes said: I want to tell you something, my heart, my beats, my soul, but I lost my words in the valley of unconditional love, that I value more than my life. 

Love always makes shed tears but tears are something that makes life easier, to cover the language of eyes and make it tough for translation, and drowns the heart in the mid-deep sea of love.

“Take my shoulders” I said “rest your sorrows on it; I do not want to hear your suffering but give it to me, shed your tears on my bosom.  I can carry it for you all along this life” I looked into her eyes which by then wrote thousand proses of her torments in silver lines.

I took her in my arms, close to my heart.  Read for her “when you have courage to say goodbye to a less worth relationship, life will allow you to say hi to a new relation.  Everything has to change drop all you vain, wait for the sunshine” She cried.

I caressed her hair to suppress her fumes from her burning soul.  She crouched like a womb tightening her grip over my neck and buried her head on my bosom. “I can be you mother, if you want” I said.