Monday, September 26, 2011

Words not spoken…

He waited for her to come; it’s a food-court good in length but sucked in breadth.  She came, crossed him like a breeze and sat in a chair along with her two friends.  He wants to talk to her for the first time and also the last time.  So far he didn't get a chance to talk to her even for once as she is always accompanied by somebody or some bloody.  Hard to find a girl like her, may be she is not a dream girl kind but she is something special for him.  He walked towards her even that was the first time he walked towards her as most of the times she walks away from him.  He was not sure whether she knows that she occupied him, doesn't needs worry as that was going to be the last few words to her.

               Men look tough but internally not, it may be wrong with few but he like to be tough because he’s week enough internally.  Each step towards her rolled his memory back.  The first site, when he accidentally sat in the same table for lunch with her, that’s the day made his walk towards her.  Very normal attire, smoothie voice, noiseless smile, zero gravity on peoples surrounding, cautious on somebody staring at her, simply; angel in disguise that’s she.   He was never impressed by somebody in first site but she finally broke that record also got stuck in his chord even after his turn-around time. 

Though his walk was very slow but his brain pressed rewind button to reach its fastest.  The day when food-court hunters are very low and he sat in opposite direction to her table for a coffee. She was playing with the water bottle on the table childishly, deeply interested in some gossips with her friends and suddenly turned to him to see, he starring at her for quite sometime.  She has a habit of playing with her gold chain in her neck it with her lip and that’s the scene he looks out for, cutting the gold with rose buds. 
Moment when lift opened she was standing outside the lift, awestruck our guy.  No words to exchange, no question to ask, in next few seconds lift started closing.  He ruffled to find a way to stop the door closing but his brain was somewhere else out of his reach, either she didn’t come in or he went out.  As the lift went down his heart beats went up and his soul stayed still in the same floor where he saw her.  Chance missed but the eyes spoke to her “this moment made me numb”.  When eyes speak vocal chord shifts place, OMG that’s love.

Valentines Day; when he is expecting her in at least in white but she turned his day dusky with dusky attire.  He was not sure whether she knows what that represents her on Valentines Day.  Still she looked angle in disguise to him.  Love is crazy.

When you’re in love everything looks special, world looks happy along with you, makes you dance as if you are the only one in this world in love.  It was a day when everybody around was enjoying the day with chill breeze in sea shore and dusky lights joined the time to make it romantic.   His eyes searched her always though she was out of his sight only once in few minutes.  She walked in a neat path away from him after quite long steps she turned back to look at him, he is not sure whether she tried looking at him or she was looking for him.  The very next day in the same food-court when they met, she looked at his eyes for five seconds which made him frozen.  He forgets to remember that he came to take food and ended up messing his lunch pouring sweet in rice.

He almost reached her, his heart beats rose to its high giving mild pain in his chest, legs went out of sync.  “I’m goanna miss you, before that I want to talk to you.  I don’t have something to impress you also I am not goanna impress you.  Many a moments you swept me off completely, made me stumble for hours together with your few seconds of your saccades on me.  Miss you.  Best of life’s” he recollected what he planned to talk.

He reached her, stood exactly feet before her chair.  Immediately she stood from her chair in shock, she tumbled and sat back in her chair.  She looked his eyes, also he. 
He lost all his energy as if he ran miles without breathing and kneel-downed before her as he cannot stand that was a complete surrender.  His breathes troubled him, he closed his eyes, his mind said “you are goanna miss her, you are goanna miss her, you are goanna miss her”, tears dropped from his eyes closed. He bent downed and buried his face in her lap.  That’s the moment, he felt relieved from all pains of life, complete relief from external world.  He cried, cried and cried to dissolve all his love he had had in his heart.  She touched his head, softness of her lap and her touch gave him courage to die then and their.  Hundred percentage relaxation, hundred percentage sadness mixed to form a cumulative percentage of feel, love! That was a bloody Mathematics.  She leaned on his head, what else could give a man life time happiness.   What is world without women and life without such moments!  Oops, they didn’t realize it a food-court, everybody was in shock around them.  She was the first one to realize that there was many pair of eyes to watch the pair of approximation.  She withdrew back from him, stood from the chair, without looking at him she started walking towards the door and went out.  He forced himself to get out of what has happened for few seconds.  He stood wiping his eyes walked towards the wash basin to wash his face, words not spoken were still not spoken and will stay still…..

I closed tap and came back to bed, clock ticked 01:30 AM midnight I wiped the water with my bed sheet and lay downed to get back to sleep….