Wednesday, February 17, 2016


>> I have no idea to stay long in your life for you just belong not to me and, you know, you belong just not to me.  I belong to nobody, not even to me.  But the case is not so for you.  But that does not stop me from loving you

<< I heed it

>> I have love, I have lust, I have all the feelings for you but all those are unconditional, without expectations.  In short I want a hug that will last long till you like to hug not one second more that till you get exhausted.  And when we leave we don’t carry each other in brain; just in heart.

<< What do you name this relation? I don’t understand you.  You are lovable same time scary.  You know I have another life I am living still I am attached to you.  I sometime feel guilty for doing so but when I see you all those feel fades away.  I want you throughout my life as a lover in utopia, without affecting my real world. But I would not stop you when you leave because I know you should have a real life.

>> This is just a relationship, don’t name it and make it dirt.  Only when our body scrubs together people call it a so-called dirty relationship.  You know, most of them have somebody else other than the one they say they have so-called commitment.  Let the relationship between fleshes be within the dogmas of this world but the soul that is invisible has no dogmas, it do not even has its own dogmas.  It is free to do and feel what it likes to do.  It can come out and search it mate and can mate.

<< That is funny.  Though it all feels quizzical and malevolent there is a taste of oldest wine in it.  I want to be someone that follows the rules of the society and live up to the expectation of my family.  Serve my spouse, raise my children and obey my elders.  But above all my soul is not with me it wanders always out from the place I sleep and whence I saw you I rested on your shoulders.

>> This was the situation for all those who seems to be living strictly to the society.  No idea I have why there is so much of rules and regulation when every heart is ponding to break the cage.  No idea why everyone blame the one that crosses the line when they themselves want to cross it.  May be the grudges that they could not break the dogmas so that they can blame the others and kill them with words.

<< You talk all bizarre things which I understand half and other half reaches only till my eyes.  But I am in need of your aura the same time I am detached from you.  I could find no plausible reason to break all the rules because all those are bestowed in my orthodox nerves, but there are some neural ravines in which my soul escaped out from my body and pondered for you.  I feel guilty the same time euphoric.  What feel is this!  Sometimes it kills to think what I am doing is wrong but sometimes it kills to miss you.

>> I have no answer for your guilt for I am not meant for salvation.  I love your aura, your presence.  Sometimes I feel like embracing you, take you in my arms and stay put for hours long, but just your aura will do magic I need no physical quench.  Take me in to your eyes, walk in to my heart, live by all your so called dogmas same time visit our utopia once in a while. I have no attachments; you are a free bird in my world fly by anytime and leave anytime and where ever you want.  I love you but I don’t belong to you.

<< It’s time for me to fly. Bye.  See you soon.

Femininity... Bird's eye view - II

Tired of flying up and down, the bird searched for a shade to sit and relax.  The place is full of buildings of stories after stories.  Tired of sitting on the concrete walls the bird decided to search for a tree to sit on its branch.  He flew for miles to find one and sat on it.  A nasty noise disturbed the bird.  He looked up to the sky for the roaring clouds; no, it was a machine with fangs not just one but in hundreds of fangs that saw the trunk.  The bird understood that the tree he found will lay and soon die so he has to leave.  Suddenly the sound went off and when the bird look down the machine stopped working.  The workers went away.  Thank the holy technology, the axe was long forgotten.  May the brains that operate the hands change its mind to stop killing my shade, prayed the bird.
        Now that he has some leisure time to enjoy the temporary shade he looked around in tranquil.  Bunch of humans, few were harnessed to their dogs that walked before them and few were carrying their off-springs who, one day, will walk away from them.  There were few young girls in their colorful attire.  Long and short were their wardrobes.  Those who dressed less were the one that veiled their brain with longest cloth of equality and individuality and those who covered them more were the one that who dressed their brain to the minimum thinking their individuality was their native femininity.  There is no female in a male, he will look all hands and legs may be tough and tight but there is a male in every female.  She could rule the world same time ruin the world.
        The bird cried: O! Beauty gender of humans, think not that you are what you dress; wardrobes are just to cover your skin and flesh.  You could walk and talk like the petals of rose or be stubborn and rigid like that of the thorns of its stem.  Do not become a hybrid with the words of the so-called activist and become stems without thorns or petals with thorns. Be tough in your stems and elegantly soft in your petals that are what makes a rose a rose.  Let your skin be exposed or you make a choice to expose your heart, people look at only what they want waste not your time on what others think but think on how well you proclaim yourself.  May you announce yourself with high regards!
        By the time the birds cry was over he saw a girl walking towards.  She was dressed neither too short nor too long.  She looked like a native rose with softest petals and sharpest thorns.  Her legs were strong though her walk was like breeze.  She swayed her fingers like jasmine dancing to a song and moved benevolently like a vine moving in wind.  So much was the enchantment to see her walk by as the aroma of the herbs she used activated the nerves of the nostrils’.  She was not fair but her genes were not unfair, her dusky skin glowed like gold in the golden sun rays.  May the sun go blind in the process of tanning her skin!  Like a cradle she moved her hips to and fro and she knows one day it will become a cradle for a little one to sleep.
        She is a cup filled with femininity, it is a cup of elixir no more drop could be added and not one drop could be taken out. Deep in the heart the bird thought: may all the empty cups be filled with elixir.  As the bird was looking at her, she stopped to see the bleeding tree. Could she do something to stop the tree to cry?  No use as the trunk was half depleted.  She took a small branch from the tree and caressed the half broken trunk.  O! My lovely lady, cried the bird: I could see your heart that you expose, I could hear what your fingers said to the tree: ‘my friend, I am taking a part of your heart in my hand and will plant in some distant land where I can water it and grow. I will tell him one day that you lived in this land and gave shade and purified oxygen. Worry not; what my kind is killing is not you but the future generation.’ 
    My beautiful lady, you exposed your heart to the world taught everything could be rebuild and the generation coming next would not become extinct.  The aura you spread is more feminine, mercy is feminine, and bravery is feminine. With little melancholy in her heart, she smiled at the branch to see a new life that she is going to give to the world.  Motherhood is feminine.
Enough food she gave for his thought now the bird wants some for his little stomach.  When he was about to fly the tree spoke from his death bed ‘hey little creation who rested on my branch, all the fruits are stolen but one was hidden take it and eat before I fall and it gets trodden.’ Listening to which the bird fasted for the day.

Chaos... Birds eye view - I

 A bird that spent half his life time in big trials and bigger errors sat watching the comers and goers.  Not one turned to look at him as everybody that come has something running in their mind and everybody that goes was carrying some burden in their heart.  There are few who were fresh and anew but lacking something; lacking aura of youngness.  When all the old, sick and adult comers and goers were carrying luggage of life these young once carried the most sick luggage in their hands.  It was a technology chaos that kept gossiping about others, trolling the knowns and unknowns, answering the skeptical question of what everybody else in the world is doing. 
        The bird that was watching all these were no different.  Even he carried bigger luggage of sins (that is what all others named it).  This planet saw many comers and goers, suffered rumors and gossips, trauma and tranquilizers but the intensity was lesser than that of now as any epidemic was slower with the non-existence of the technology.  Now the saga is different.  There were more facilities to live long but the epidemic is higher; man made.  The planet as turned to a different place where everything is destructed by the hands that pretends to reconstruct for the cause of some printed papers hidden and some digital numbers in the light emitting screens. 
        The florescent screens have devastated the effulgent light of the life.  We are now in the mid sea, trapped and betrayed. Water! Water! everywhere not a drop to drink. Life has become a daily exhibition just not to the exhibitors but also to the fellow exhibit.  How foreseen somebody to say life is a stage for drama and we are all actors.  Now, everything has become a melodrama.  Thought the bird: life was slow and steady once upon a time when only older people thought the world is fast growing and adults longed for the life of the present young ones. Now, the bird thought, methinks adults started thinking just a decade back slowness in life style was good that the fastest journey towards the emptiness of the present young ones.  Everything was pole shifted.  
        When trapped in this thinking the bird saw a little one holding one of the comer and walking past him like a breeze holding the hands of the tempest; as and when they stroll the breeze will become a storm.  But for now the breeze doesn’t know the hand that she holds is all full of life’s experience.  She strolled slowly as if the earth is not rotating.  Her soft legs are veiled with chemical wardrobe preventing her to step on the bosom of Mother Earth; how sinful.  When everything was taken from the Mother Earth, though she bears the throbs of daggers that was put inside her breast still little amount of joy was not allowed for her.  May be that is why she has heart attacks sometime.
        Somebody said a mother bears highest decibels of pain during her labor.  O! You wise, do not you know she suffers more decibels if she has not visited the labor at least once in her life span.  Becoming a father or a mother is not enlightenment, O! My comers and goers, it is a cycle of life.  Praise not just your mother but the motherhood; praise not just your father but the fatherhood.  Everybody that feeds the empty stomach is a mother; mother is gender motherhood is a state.  When priests are believed to have godliness we started to believe priests as gods.  
    And he prayed: O! The force that runs the universe, may you send some waves that is not blue or red but green, may you change this minuscule planet and tiny living beings.  May this earth become a better place for all that evolved and evolves and for all creation that are left to exist!  O! Life, create no more sinful birds but create more forgiving hearts, create not more humans but humanitarians.  O! Dear humans create more tranquil life than more tranquilizers, create more cures than victims.  O! Nations, create more warriors but not wars.  
    When everything continued, the comers and goers still unnoticed, the bird flew when his stomach crunched for food!