Friday, December 28, 2012


It was a wrangle between my eyes and mind.  When I said I saw an inverted sun rise and upside down sun set between her temple and nose, my heart deciphered, my mind heeded and my eyes hesitated to believe it.  My mind asked my eyes, ‘you are often acquainted with her hesitation and you started following her hesitation alike you follow her positions?’ to which my eyes replied ‘I am upon her not because of my own; it’s the will of the bloody heart which pumps in her images and spread out the love all over the body’.  Heeding to my eyes, replied my mind, ‘that’s a lie, do not you remember the days when the heart pondered not to turn to her and you still cannot keep yourself quite!’  As a reply to my mind’s reply, ‘oh ya, it is because I have been fed with a narcotic, beauty, and was kept in trance to conjure only her images. Not my fault’.  

‘Great, tell me what you understood not’ said my mind.  In response, my eyes said ‘what you do mean by inverted sun rise?’

'Hey you, the door of love, epigraphist of light – and the light which is the gate pass of beauty – cannot you see!, behind the shield of her eyes, there exist a sun warming up the brain; something of divine ilk that which make shed many drops of ink, rays black in color that shines when her saccades turn on and off’, my mind translated it to my eyes

‘Do you say so? Might be, though I have commuted it to you, I have missed it in my peep at the astonishing’, when the breeze entered her hair without any permission and made it to dance on her forehead and got sufficed only she slowly waved her hand up and down, parted her fingers from one another and caressed her hair to put it in his place along with her falls in black.  Then she made sure her tangle were perfect, to make the thoughts go tangle’ said my eyes
‘Oh that tangled hairs you are talking about! It is a twisted labyrinth’ my mind frowned
‘Sometimes you go insane and forget about what you talk about; you say it a labyrinth and I know you are longing to get trapped in it’

And suddenly both went silent.  Only the sound of the beats of my heart, which skipped few and slipped here and there, I could hear.  Few seconds later, after the aroma has just passed away, she walked away, the wrangle started again…
             ...when I said I saw an inverted sun rise and upside down sun set between her temple and nose, my heart deciphered, my mind heeded and my eyes hesitated to believe it…

Sunday, December 23, 2012


“Why are you so silent… why can you look at my eyes and talk something… am I scaring you?” 
She might ask you a day when you are very silent, could not move on to the next line of the book you read also could not look into her glowing eyes…
…tell her “No.  You are mesmerizing”
On a day, when you are overwhelmed with the spells of your deity, and when you tell her
“Hey… if you stop smiling this world will go dark”
She will laugh at you and say “I already have cold… from where you get these words…”
Tell her “…I don’t get it from anywhere else it’s all reality”
She might say nothing but look in to your eyes and in the language of silence, in the colloquy of love, will tell you to continue… then say,
“You see, that is why it is always night when you sleep…”
“What happened to you…” she might giggle
Reply her, “I don’t know, slightly feverish, might have fallen in somebody’s eyes”
“May the God save you…” she might reply with a smile.  Though, you can see she likes to listen to you.  You can see that in her eyes.
“He cannot save me...
...I have fallen into the beautiful eyes of an enchanting goddess”
Now keep yourself ready for the hug…

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fumes of a burning soul

One day when I have no place to go, even now I do so; I will search all my old text that I scribbled in your thoughts, lessons that you taught, in my state of bewildered trance, and recollect the days I spent in solitude, with gratitude to love that made me write like a bee collecting nectar even after knowing there will come somebody wild and suck the life out of the soul; the nectar collected after thousand toils.

I will commemorate every magical moment you enchanted me with you accidental glimpse over my mortal physical body to suffice my soul with the warmth of amniotic. I will conjure the moments you dug my heart to bring the polished diamond drop to the edge of my eye lashes.

You stayed always a repelling opposite poll and made me confused to conclude nature of attraction works with only human natural force and not with occult deity’s source. It was a two edged sword did I hold, used my trodden heart as its scabbard without any fold, the perplexity either to give up or follow up is a pain all over my soul.

Your every hesitation and my frustration many a time cuddled up to waste drops of ink on a paper and made myself conclude a schizophrenic when I read back what it is on the paper, then I tore. All my waits end up in a situation which always a pathetic waste of time; waste of time in the wrong place to wait.

Not even a fraction of a second you hid yourself in my mind but to substitute you hide yourself whenever my eye lid vibrates towards your direction.  Love is a song of beauty, music composed with melancholy, lyrics written with harmony.  You made my hymn with everything along with longing pain and your image's strain.

I neither ask you to love me back nor contemplate my burning soul.  A day will come, for a fraction of a millisecond my image will cross your beautiful mind and if you have time, for my solace, just say ‘rest in peace’.

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Plan...

God has a plan
You will not understand
Keep things move on
Right on time people will be thereon
Let the love to desert you freely
At a distance you will see oasis slowly

Every step towards the every next step
There exist lot of steps to eschew
Allow your heart to accommodate fear,
accommodate tear, but remember days are few
but there exist always a lot of time to sew

Love is not a destination
short cuts only bring deception
Love is a path to follow
tell your soul heart is not a hallow
instinct heeds signs but to listen you need to allow

For no reason depression will down you one day,
to the divine; it’s the time for your complete succumb
To exile from body is not your freedom,
though boredom makes you struggle and become numb
a day will come, pure love will embrace and remove your scum

Wait for the sun to rise, day to shine
Understand, darkness is not a curse but a test by divine.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


…when my phone rang and I looked into the screen, it was a pleasant shock, for the first time she called me.

I was standing on the other side of the road and she in another side.  I found her when I lifted my phone to my face to make sure my eyes were no wrong what it is looking at...

She waved her hand and all five petals moved right and left.  I am not very sure what I am looking at still I made a note to make myself sure I haven’t gone mad.

I stepped down towards her, on the road, nothing was behind me either, nothing was before me nor.  All I found was only she.  Like beetles in air few metallic bodies crossed here and there missing me left and right.  No sounds I could hear, no colors I could see, no sign of danger I could heed, no memories of my existence in this so-called world.  Alike a black hole at the speed of light I was attracted towards her light by her black mole.  I lost my gravity of memory and all I could remember was the wave of hands to and fro to call me and make me a love pro.

Suddenly she signed ‘stop’ and followed by ‘go back’.  I frowned like a fish of a broken bowl.  All I heard is a howl.  I saw a fast approaching car hungry for blood, I know I want to shed.

I could see the fast approaching’ through the angle of vision I am blessed with; still I could not take my sight from the light the spread all along and the one which want to consume me.  The force was very strong though it wanted to repel, the force of attraction override the repulsion. 

The fast approaching’ approached faster then I expected.  I didn’t take my eyes out of her.  A dash in my legs threw me in air and I fell down fast on the road, all of a sudden I woke up in a great shock from my sleep on my bed.  When I tried to reach for my water bottle I slipped from my bed and fell down in the dark and when I open my eyes it was bright and I am still holding my mobile phone in my hand on the other side of the road.  I closed my eyes to recollect what all happened, someone who walked by has dashed me, the shock which that car dash gave me flashed my memory and I opened my eyes with fear to find my phone in air and when I tried to catch it I hit a lamp post near the bus stop.  I was shocked and came back to reality by a sound horn of the train approaching the platform and I moved back from the edge of the platform…

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Temperature of love...

Clenching her blanket and eyes closed she was there in her bed, and when he reached her and asked ‘are you sick?’
She said ‘Yes baby, I am sick without you…’ He asked her to remove her blanket but she refused.  
‘Now what darling, what happened?’ he said
‘I am not gonna let anything else inside my blanket except you’ she glimpsed her tired eyes.
‘Oh baby I know you’re sick… do you have a temperature?’ he asked
‘I don't know’ she said and close her eyes again
‘Okay I am coming in’ He said
‘Please darling’ she replied
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He could feel the temperature burning her body and energy.  He tightened his hug to grasp all the temperature she was suffering with. Hug, it’s a shrug of love.

‘You are gonna catch fever from me’ she said and adjusted herself on his chest
‘I won’t use any blanket other than you, if so…’ he replied
 ‘Let us go to doctor, baby’
‘I will be fine, just be with me closer than possible closeness’ she replied wrapping her hand around his neck and moving her face towards his cheeks.  She kissed him.

In a second she felt little wetness on his cheeks, she learnt it’s his tears.

‘Baby, don't cry.  Why do you cry it’s just a normal fever’ she said

‘But, baby, it’s you, my soul, and my best half.  I know how tiresome you must feel.  I could not able to bear the temperature from your body baby, how do you!!’ he replied

‘Just be with me, kiss me once in a minute, caress me with all the love you have got then I can sustain any degree of temperature, my darling.’ She said with another kiss.
 ‘I will be with you, baby.  I have no place to go
You are my only haven, my heaven’ he replied.

In an hour they were back from hospital.  She stopped him entering the house and looked into his eyes.  No words needed to convey the message from a heart to heart just silence does and from one part of heart to another just eyes does.

He lifted her in his arms; she lost herself in his arms in her tiredness that her temperature gave her.  He made her lie in her bed.  When he was about to move away she pulled him by hands and made him lie next to her. 

‘Frankly, I am afraid, baby.  This fever is painful’ she said and cried and he too.

‘Nothing to worry darling, just ordinary fever, you will be alright’ he said and pulled her over him She slept.

Next day, almost mid day, he woke up with fever on her lap. 
‘Love you baby’ she said