Sunday, December 23, 2012


“Why are you so silent… why can you look at my eyes and talk something… am I scaring you?” 
She might ask you a day when you are very silent, could not move on to the next line of the book you read also could not look into her glowing eyes…
…tell her “No.  You are mesmerizing”
On a day, when you are overwhelmed with the spells of your deity, and when you tell her
“Hey… if you stop smiling this world will go dark”
She will laugh at you and say “I already have cold… from where you get these words…”
Tell her “…I don’t get it from anywhere else it’s all reality”
She might say nothing but look in to your eyes and in the language of silence, in the colloquy of love, will tell you to continue… then say,
“You see, that is why it is always night when you sleep…”
“What happened to you…” she might giggle
Reply her, “I don’t know, slightly feverish, might have fallen in somebody’s eyes”
“May the God save you…” she might reply with a smile.  Though, you can see she likes to listen to you.  You can see that in her eyes.
“He cannot save me...
...I have fallen into the beautiful eyes of an enchanting goddess”
Now keep yourself ready for the hug…


Love to hear from you. Drop your words for my heart; I can skip a beat for you.