Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fumes of a burning soul

One day when I have no place to go, even now I do so; I will search all my old text that I scribbled in your thoughts, lessons that you taught, in my state of bewildered trance, and recollect the days I spent in solitude, with gratitude to love that made me write like a bee collecting nectar even after knowing there will come somebody wild and suck the life out of the soul; the nectar collected after thousand toils.

I will commemorate every magical moment you enchanted me with you accidental glimpse over my mortal physical body to suffice my soul with the warmth of amniotic. I will conjure the moments you dug my heart to bring the polished diamond drop to the edge of my eye lashes.

You stayed always a repelling opposite poll and made me confused to conclude nature of attraction works with only human natural force and not with occult deity’s source. It was a two edged sword did I hold, used my trodden heart as its scabbard without any fold, the perplexity either to give up or follow up is a pain all over my soul.

Your every hesitation and my frustration many a time cuddled up to waste drops of ink on a paper and made myself conclude a schizophrenic when I read back what it is on the paper, then I tore. All my waits end up in a situation which always a pathetic waste of time; waste of time in the wrong place to wait.

Not even a fraction of a second you hid yourself in my mind but to substitute you hide yourself whenever my eye lid vibrates towards your direction.  Love is a song of beauty, music composed with melancholy, lyrics written with harmony.  You made my hymn with everything along with longing pain and your image's strain.

I neither ask you to love me back nor contemplate my burning soul.  A day will come, for a fraction of a millisecond my image will cross your beautiful mind and if you have time, for my solace, just say ‘rest in peace’.


  1. Oh, love is in the air! should have saved it to post on the valentine day. :))

  2. Beautiful dedication and touching post...I loved this line especially..." Love is a song of beauty, music composed with melancholy, lyrics written with harmony."

    1. Thanks valli...your comment; sweet as your poetry

  3. Ah ! beautiful ! Love ...its a beautiful emotion and you have brought it out so well !

  4. amazing!!! how beautifully you portrayed the feelings?!!


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