Thursday, May 9, 2013

Create happiness...

A divine man who attained the stage of deathless body, the one who became the gracious light, the God himself, said to pray for the entire world and thus one’s requirement is fulfilled in it. 

No surprise why Siddhartha became Buddha while he started searching a reason for his existence and found human agonies and sufferings. 
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I was sitting in the place where generation new is brought in to this world and was made to cry – a gynecologist’s nursing home.

When I were in search of love to suffice my burning soul rotten in my mundane life and illogical happenings, I found people with unconditional love, ready to serve the Goddesses carrying the future, in many ways and in anyways.  When I was in search of new dishes to content my tongue, I found the graceful hearts, those who serve the patients, are ready to eat that I rejected to eat and ready to waste.  When I am in need to be recognized and more money than I earn, I am seeing people in need of food little more to save for the next appetite. 

I understand now what the divine man who has become the effulgent divine light has said “Pray for the world and one’s need is sufficed in it”

While I was wondering if a grownup could really turn a baby, a kid, a toddler and I walked crossing a hospital ward where a husband sitting in his chair, next to his wife, laid on her palms crying in fear and his wife, who could not get up or move because of his off-spring in her body, caressed his head whereby she is the one who suppose to cry in fear, but, though she fears she has to take care of her grown up baby too.

Not understanding the divine process of fetus growing in the amniotic into full fledged baby and comes to this world after struggle, giving pain to its mother, many amidst us worry about the worthiness of there existence.  There exists a common goal for anybody's existence in this world, the same thing which we did to our mother after birth – create happiness.

Love is not in air or in space or in vacuum, it is generated in every mother’s womb, slowly grows and formulates head, body, legs and hands along with a alarm that beats approximately seventy two times a minute – the heart – to remind us our common goal – love one another and create happiness.

We take form because of happiness, a mutual love, taken care in womb with happiness and with everybody’s love; born and created happiness.  I don’t know why we forget to continue doing the same – create happiness and spread love.